Kung Fu Blocking Tips : Kung Fu: Palm Block

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Art Center. In this clip we’re going to be showing you how to perform a palm block
against a high punch. Okay, so basically the palm block looks like this. So somebody punches
at you. Okay, you could side step and you want to use the middle of your palm or the
bottom of your palm. You want to hit, and step to the side. Okay and what you want to
do when you block. Okay, you want to try to hit anything below the wrist bone. Okay it’s
easier to control the arm that way, because this is too small to target. It’s very easy
to miss, or it’s not strong enough it will go straight through and hit you elsewhere.
Okay so when they punch, so they step in, you want to hit straight to the side this
way. Okay, now when practicing it alone, you can start fist to hip or palm to hip either
one. Okay you want your hands to come out slightly outside the body but not too far
outside the shoulder and you want to twist your hip forward. See it’s more of a round
action, this way. Okay so if I’m just standing this way and he’s punching straight, see it
comes straight across this way. So he punches again with the other hand. Okay, like this.
You don’t want to keep the hand too close to the body, so if he punches straight, like
this, if it’s a very powerful punch, this isn’t going to do anything. Okay so you have
to twist the body. So he comes in, okay you punch, you have to twist it out, slap it out
of the way. This creates openings, the whole side of the body. And he punches again with
the other side, see you can palm block this way, same thing. That’s how you perform the
palm block against a high punch.

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  1. i want learn kung fu but im only 1st college if im done in my course im going in china to learn kung fu .. i wish my master will accept me .. ..

  2. I think it's better for your palm to make contact with your opponent's wrist area. Trying to make contact near the elbow area could cause you to eat a punch.

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