Kung Fu Blocking Tips : Kung Fu: Outside Block

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt, from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center. Today, we’re going to be showing you how to perform an outside block
against the high punch. So if somebody punches at your face, you can use the front arm, almost
like a bat. You swing the arm out, and twist. This creates an opening, so from here, I can
punch here. I can punch the face, whatever technique I want to use, so again, so he punches.
Just use your arm. Twist, and twist out, or if he punches with that hand from there, just
twist out with this side. See, it creates an opening. Practicing this block alone, start
fist the hip. You want to twist the arm down. See, across the body, and use your hips as
the arm turns up, and you twist out, and with this side, down. Twist, and then out. If you
notice from the side, my arm is not like this. You want to keep it slightly bent, but almost
straight. Down and out. Down and out, so if he punches, and I do it wrong, and I block
like this. This is a little too close for comfort. If he has a very powerful punch,
this will drive straight through, or force my own arm against me, so you want to keep
the arm almost straight, so he punches here. Now, his arm is far from me, but still I have
openings. I’m close to him, so I can move in, so either hand, so he punches again. This
way, same thing. That’s how you perform an outside block, against the high punch.

9 thoughts on “Kung Fu Blocking Tips : Kung Fu: Outside Block

  1. Actually in most Anime they do Jujitsu, not karate. But thats beside the point. Tell me, what martial art to you practice?

  2. @ShadowMangekyou yea the kung fu was the first martial art on the world like the shaolin temple was created in year 501 so i dont think kung fu is a copy of karate…. any type of kung fu is kung fu..

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