Kung Fu Blocking Techniques : Kung Fu Blocking Techniques: Quick Block

My name is Wes Rhodes from the Chinese Kung
Fu Academy and from Expert Village and this is kung fu sparring technique quick block
and it is a double tap with a backfist counter. So this technique is pretty simple but the
timing is a little bit difficult. The idea is you do a quick block and then you just
point the elbow and drive the backfist out. This is a speed technique and it is usually
aiming either for the front of the face or to the side where the temple is. Done slowly
is one, two and other hand is one, two. The way it looks with a partner as they punch
with the right hand you are going to block and then point the elbow up and just drive
them back, straight out just like that and there is kind of a rhythm to it so you punch
as in one, two and you see the rhythm with my body. Try it again, one, two. Try the other
side, one, two good. So right hand a little fast one, two, see, left hand, one, two, just
like that. Again this isn’t a power technique so you want to just kind of step out and snap
it out and you usually follow this technique with another technique. The idea is the backfist
blinds your opponent and the following technique finishes them off. Again my name is Wes Rhodes
and I’m from the Chinese Kung Fu Academy and this is how you do the quick block double
tap counter.

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