Kung Fu Basics for Children : The Side Kick in Kung Fu Self-Defense for Children

Hi! My name is Dan Schmidt from Chinese Martial
Arts Center and for expertvillage.com. In this clip we’re going to be discussing Kung
Fu for kids and we’re going to be showing you the side kick, which looks like this.
So you would start feet about shoulder width apart and you hand ups, knees bent. You step
up with the back foot to the front foot, pick the knee up high, push the foot out, pull
it back in and then straight back down. So in a faster motion, it would just be in. Just
like that. You want to try to kick with either the blade of the foot or you can use the whole
bottom of the foot. Okay, so Bri, if you can come over here and show us how you would do
it. Face this way in fighting stance, step up with the back foot, lift up the knee, kick,
and down. Okay, one more time a little faster. Step up, kick, down. Good. Okay, a practical
application. There’s two ways you can mainly do this. You can use it against the upper
torso of the body or the knee. So the first one let’s use the ribs. So let’s say someone
punches in, you can block then go right for the rib cage. Pick up the knee, kick straight
in, and then down. Or let’s say if he’s lunging in you can stop him straight to the
knee. This way he’ll lean back a little causing a break in the leg or the knee. That’s
a practical application for Kung Fu’s side kick.

12 thoughts on “Kung Fu Basics for Children : The Side Kick in Kung Fu Self-Defense for Children

  1. sory sir.. i dont know what kind of knowledge you have reagrding kicking, but that is not a side kick…hip is not in line with the force path, thus you will bounce straight back, no power.. you can damage your kicking leg ankle because it will recieve all the counter force… your face is too close to the kick, you base foot is still 90 degree to the force path which reduces base, thus power.. dont bring the back foot in.. it becomes second-move atack as oppose to first-move attack..

  2. wtf self defence for childer are u facking insane in that age that this little girl is
    self defence for her is even when her friend messing with her just imagine what little kids can do to each other only beacause of youngth of theire age i realy dissagre to teach to little kidds technicks like that

  3. Not enough pivot on the base leg. With a pivot, the kick can be sturdy like a book holder (able to take forward force without collapsing).

  4. I just don't understand how this guy delivers the side kick. To me, his side kick looks more like a sloppy roundhouse kick.

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