Kung Fu Basics for Children : The inside Block & Punch in Kung Fu for Children

Hi! My name is Dan Schmidt from Chinese Martial
Arts Center and for expertvillage.com. In this clip we’re going to be discussing Kung
Fu for kids and right now we’re going to be showing you inside block side punch, which
goes like this. You would start fist to hip, step out in a cat stance, and you want the
forearm in front. You step out, swing the arm down, up, land in a horse stance, side
punch. So when you do it at regular speed, here, step, block, up, punch. Okay, now Bri,
come right here. A little more, okay, right there. Ready. Inside block, now step out,
swing the arm down, up, side punch. Okay, one more time. Okay, so fist to hip, inside
block, step out, swing the arm up, side punch. Now, this technique, this actually trains
fighting multiple opponents. For instance, you block a punch this way, then you could
fight someone this way. The strike to the face and then a punch. You can also use it
on a single opponent. Let’s say Jerry can punch with either hand, so you can block this
way as the arm’s coming in, swing this hand up, straight up to the chin or to the nose,
step over, and punch, or he can even punch with the right hand. You can block in; you
can even move it out of the way, come up stepping this way. That is inside block side punch
for Kung Fu.

3 thoughts on “Kung Fu Basics for Children : The inside Block & Punch in Kung Fu for Children

  1. To preface: I am a Martial Artist and absolutely love Martial Arts and have respect for all styles and philosophies. With that said. This is not self defense this is Martials Arts and there is a significant difference. Saying this with the utmost sincerety and with all do respect, I would urge you to seriously re-evaluate what you teach as "self defense" especially when it comes to children…cont'd with next comment.

  2. …cont'd from previous comment…..To do this you must have an open mind and realize that Martial Arts is not the only path and definitely not the shortest path to practical, real, street defense.
    Train safe and train smart.
    With Regards.

  3. @DaTaBASE3089 you must understand. that this is bunkai. it teaches your muscles to be stronger when u do what we call "sparing technique" witch IS self defense. and u will find. that as u go along. most kickboxers, and just plain self defense, will have stuff like this based into the actual skills. like foot work. u say u are a boxer?were do u think the cross punch came from? (or at least the foot work for it came from?) it came from "Tards" like us.

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