Kung Fu Basics for Children : Natural Weapons in Kung Fu Self-Defense for Children

Hi! My name is Dan Schmidt from Chinese Martial
Arts Center and for expertvillage.com. In this clip we’re going to be discussing Kung
Fu for kids and right now we’re going to be showing you a drill called natural weapons.
It begins like this, so you start fist to hip. The first technique is the fist, you
drill out, twist the hands over at the last second. You open the hands; keep the thumbs
in, fingers tightly together. You slap the pants, and then come straight up over head.
From here, just bring the palms down in front of you chest level. You slap, circle all the
way around, and you do the hook. So the hook, you make all the fingertips reach the tip
of the thumb like this and you curl the wrist in. From a side view, you go fist, open the
hands, palm, and straight down, slap, and hook. Okay, Bri, if you can demonstrate facing
this way. Ready, go. Fist, palm, and hook. Okay. Some of these are pretty basic. The
first would be the fist, which obviously is for punching straight out. You learn to really
twist and use the power coming from the hip. The palm, you can use for striking like this,
this way, and also for blocking. So if someone hits over head, you can block just like that.
Now, the hook, that’s used for striking areas, like you can strike to the throat.
Like the eyes this way, you can grab the throat. It’s also used as a way to signify a block.
If they punch you, just hook down this way; you go into a palm. Then also, the slapping
of the pants.
Also, it helps condition the hand, so that way it also signifies smacking to the groin.
Let’s say he punches, you can block, come in, and smash straight to the groin like this.
So, smacking the pants is like smacking him in the groin. One more time. If he comes in,
you can block, come in, smack, straight into the groin. That is the application for natural
weapons for Kung Fu.

9 thoughts on “Kung Fu Basics for Children : Natural Weapons in Kung Fu Self-Defense for Children

  1. jiu jitsu is better this is more for smaller kids in my opinion. i think the colored belt method isnt that good

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