Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson
from Rocky Hobson KArate Academy in Kelowna BC, here with another quick video
for you. This video we call “onslaught” we make lines of equal athletes, the goal is
to blitz in as fast as possible. The defender needs to weather the storm
that’s coming in, try to defend themselves at first priority
countering a second priority. The athletes who are attacking go through as
fast as they can, one after another no set up, no fakes, no dancing in you
just blitz the defender as fast as you can. You have to score the
point. Everybody who’s attacking can’t just come in with garbage technique they
got to try to do their best to score it. Each team is racing the other one every
athlete has to go through three times! Bring on the onslaught! Thanks for
joining us for another video again today my name is Rodney Hobson so tune in to the
next one.

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