wow what a fight man what a fight what a night I still have a black eye from the fight I don’t even know where to start this video I guess I’ll start with this after my first ever amateur boxing match your boy is undefeated I also have zero wins that’s right oh oh and one oh and water what is that a draw was a draw oh my gosh ah I hate that so much I hate it so much when they raised our hands you can see by my face my mouth dropped I’m I was absolutely stunned ksi has the exact same reaction on the other side it’s weird because you don’t know whether to celebrate or be disappointed like you didn’t win but you didn’t lose and after talking to you guys in public at the airport’s the general consensus seems to be if you wanted ksi to win you think he won and if you wanted me to win you think I want it’s it’s split I personally think I won and I’m gonna be doing a fool round by round analysis in the upcoming weeks so guys if you’re not a part of the Lowe game make sure to subscribe there’s gonna be a ton of content around the fight you don’t wanna miss it so yeah hit the subscribe button turn on the notifications DiBella whatever and let’s just dive into this video so I guess first off I want to start by saying this thank you to the fans y’all you guys are looking amazing to everyone who came to the Manchester Arena it supported me and Jake to everyone who watched online legally have you watched illegally you this whole thing was a demonstration about how powerful we as an internet culture as like a young people culture can be and it worked it worked immensely we did it that’s why it was the biggest internet event in history so yeah thank you guys whether you love me or you hate me or you just in-between me we’re all human beings floating on a rock in the middle of an infinite universe and we were all part of this amazing collective effort so you guys are number one to thank I love you thank you and for all my Mavericks out there yo team maverick King showed up me included wearing this brand now has a totally additional new amazing meaning to it I wanted to demonstrate what it was like to fight like a champion keep pushing forward no matter what like this whole thing was a crazy long journey I went through so many personal changes public changes one point you guys know had the whole entire world against me but I vowed that I would never ever ever give up so thank you guys for supporting me everyone who wears this brand every single day it’s the Mavericks baby the one who go right when they go left the ones who think outside the box the ones who refuse to take no for an answer warms my freaking heart also that hurts if you guys can’t tell I’m sick had a little rest and relaxation period in Paris with my girlfriend Chloe Benny who’s right there say hi Chloe you’re kind of Lois to put a hand up or something there she is okay yeah I’ve had a lot of crepe a lot of sugar so just sick as a dog so yeah guys we’re celebrating a little bit this weekend maverick hoodies are 25% off all maverick hoodies and female Maverick merch is 50% off you already know where to get it I don’t even need to say it but I’m going to Logan Paul calm slash shop or a link in description now finally I’m going to dive into this video let’s talk about something I would like to skiing address some people are saying the fight was raped or that it was staged or that it was faked from the bottom of my heart literally suck my ass JJ and I put our hearts on the line everything we had we were warriors out there beating the shit out of each other we all worked so hard so and for anyone to say that was fake also another thing in addition to that last one Oh God made new you the doll about the fight so Rick I’ve read articles that have said ksi and I have walked away with 30 to 40 million dollars each I cannot stress how false that is and how each one of the fighters involved was absolutely not doing it for the money let me explain I might make an entire video on this if my team lets me but between all the expenses on god I am NOT just saying this for the internet I am not a hundred percent sure I came out positive on this event that means I’m not sure if I made money on the event think about it there is no this isn’t like an official boxing league the pay-per-view unlike boxing pay-per-view events and UFC pay-per-view events was not $100 right it was $10 there was no official major big sponsor there’s no Al Heyman checks coming in this is a couple youtubers doing this four year entertainment who are yes trying to make money I think we severely miscalculated the expenses examples including 30% of the revenue goes to YouTube right away then I split the remainder with team ksi then I split that with Jake accordingly then out of that another 30% goes to my managers lawyers agents everyone involved from my team we paid for venues our full-time boxing coach we flew like 30 to 40 people out to Manchester and provided them with lodging for like two weeks I could go on and on and on and like I said I might make a full entire video about this in the future if you guys want to see it so yeah again subscribe and let me know in the comments below but okay as far as the fight goes let’s talk about the fight oh oh man my first ever amateur boxing fight with really only four months of training under my belt good I want to say I was pretending to be a boxer cause like I had the fundamentals down but people you know they worked their whole lives to be good at this one thing good to be good at this sport and I was going in there right as a youtuber first not a fighter or not a boxer and no one told me how different it is from sparring in a gym to competing inside a ring in an actual fight with 20,000 people watching and millions on the internet night and ski day and I am pretty sure that’s why I gassed out in the later round but I will say after leaving the ring that night I finally now feel like a fighter I finally feel comfortable saying I am a boxer and the sport is so fun dude like just two dudes seeing the shot of each other it’s a beautiful thing that experience is valuable but I did walk out of the ring that night finally feeling like a boxer and if if I got that good after only four months of training I cannot imagine how good I’m gonna be by the time I fight ksi or whoever I fight next now with that said I thought I won the fight I thought I won 4-2 I thought I won rounds 1 2 3 & 5 ksi hands down took the fourth round and obviously the 6th round where he’d just he fucked me up back in a line that was me just trying to stay alive I was completely out of gas and I was a little disappointed that his cheap shots his throwdowns his fouls like you guys remember when he hit me after the bell dog thing to do man like that was just shady fighting ksi is like fighting a dog dude became animalistic not a boxer after the first two rounds something his coach must have said stuck in his mind because he turned it on but he was just throwing haymakers from down here none of them were like legit boxing punches and you guys can imagine when I spar I’m sparring professionals not dudes who are head down just swinging for the fences so again first boxing match on my part great you can get away with the sloppy bulls but for the second match I promise not a single one of those is going to land so yeah I think he was able to get away with the cheap shots because we were in his country his hometown not gonna be the same when he comes to United States in fact I’m not going to leave it to the judges I just simply won’t and now that I know what I’m missing and I know what I’m good at the improvement is only gonna be there I think you can sort of see can’t sighs demeanor after the fight and during the fight there’s like a underlayer of disappointment I think it’s because he knows he missed his chance like that was it you had a chance to beat me and you almost did if there were more rounds you might have beaten me I’m not sure you might have beaten me cuz I was completely out of gas but there wasn’t and it’s over now like I’m only gonna get exponentially better but regardless again it was a phenomenal fight ksi mega kudos to you dude you have the heart of a skiing warrior and I told you that after the fight both you and I know that six round a bro you took me for a ride that round my goal was to just stay alive which I did my issue at not issue but when I get hit and case I was hitting me a lot that round with lot of big strong fast powerful punches this happens in sparring – I don’t register it I don’t mind getting hit in fact I like it unless you knock me out like I am NOT falling to the ground which is good but at the same time there’d be times in sparring where my coach is like yo what the fuck you doing like we we have to stop because I’ll be so tired my hands will be down and I’m only using my face as as a weapon and it’s not a weapon literally I’m just getting hit in the face repeatedly I’m sure I’ll suffer brain damage later in my life for for doing these things that’s part of it I guess but I gotta say I think the warrior blood runs in chaos eyes family cuz Deji tangi you impressed me bro you impressed everyone I don’t think a single person thought you were gonna last five rounds bro good job to you hats off I think you proved a lot of people wrong that night including myself but of course brother Jake came out with the victory I love Jake it was so nice to see all of his hard work these past couple months pay off and Jake man it must be nice having a belt like that and having an official win you motherfucker I’m just kidding kinda anyway the best part about this event hands down was afterwards the sportsmanship the fact that we four dudes are able to get in this little square and beat this of each other and then shake hands and look each other in the eye afterwards that was invaluable those were the special moments those are the moments that I’ll never forget cuz as much as I like fighting it’s the last resort always why would I ever want to do that I’m all about spreading love and positivity and happiness and the fact that we were all able to squash the beef one night right them right there was incredible and then for me obviously this year has been obviously you guys know like what it’s been after the fight Jordy asked me a question and I was able to answer it in a way that I felt encompassed and represented what this fight was about for me [Music] [Music] that was definitely the most important part of the fight for me just just so many emotions and yeah crazy crap I don’t even know this is it’s a crazy life man 23 years old youtubing acting singing writing producing rapping boxing vlogger chat boy who knows what the list will go on to say but overall um I don’t want to say I feel cheated or disappointed I think the word is slighted I feel slighted but that tells me that I have to work that much harder the taste of not winning is absolutely disgusting I promise the next time I set foot in that ring I will be so scary good I will be an actual boxer and I’m not going to leave it up to the judges I’m talking knockouts and in my country with my fans the low gang the Mavs are me no jet lag great health I am pumped with that said guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you are not a part of the low gang make sure to subscribe also all maverick hoodies are 25% off through the weekend join team maverick you guys know it’s a hottest softest merch in the game and ladies March is 50% off Logan Paul calm /op or link in description I freaking love you guys thank you for watching thank you for making my life exactly what it is and I will see you next time take it easy bad [Music]

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