KSI vs. Logan Paul [Official Fight Trailer #1]

Your winner KSI! Obviously man has got this belt right now. You can come get it. Logan Paul! If you want some bro? I’m ready. Yo? You wanna to be… You wanna to be fighting me right now? I came here to close the deal. Okay. Lets close the deal, Alright? Logan Paul versus KSI, August 25th Who’s ready for the biggest internet event in history? [Screams] I can’t wait! To punch you right in your stupid smug face. OH! I don’t think you realize what you’ve walked into. Oh I… I have. – and it’s gonna not be pretty and you’re gonna be worried. You’re gonna be in the fight, you’re gonna be like… Oh shit! This is, this is real. – This is a fight.

100 thoughts on “KSI vs. Logan Paul [Official Fight Trailer #1]

  1. That looks like it could be a movie but let's be honest who would watch a 2 hour + film about a dude who would scream at football games and a guy that filmed a dead bloke

  2. I hope that during the rematch, the Staples center blows up due to a terrorist attack and both KSI and Logan Paul die and take all of the world problems with them ffs.

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