KSI vs. LOGAN PAUL 2 | PRO BOXER Predictions – Who will win?

Hellooooo fellow Logan Paul fans! In today’s video, I’ll be analyzing the
major differences between Logan Paul and KSI and I’ll also explain how all of that might
affect the upcoming match. I’m kind of a boxing guru, because ever
since I watched the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight along a bunch of other boxing tutorials,
my insight on this sport became rather significant. Therefore, I decided to share my knowledge
with you – the Sirs – in order to help you bet on the future winner and make a lot of
money. You see, I’m unlike any other YouTuber – besides
being considerably more distinguished than them, I’m also extremely intelligent, so
I won’t tell you who’s going to win until the end, because I’m hoping that the suspense
will bait you into watching the entire video, and I will make more money from ads. Speaking of watching the entire video, don’t
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the video and subscribe to my channel, so my videos go viral. This video contains quite a number of references
and that mostly hardcore fans of KSI and Logan will understand! So if you don’t understand them, you should
take that as a sign that you need to get off your arse and start being on youtube more! Put down those silly books and pick up a phone
and get on social media instead! Here’s the analysis: #1: KSI is British – 1 point for KSI
The most obvious difference between the two fighters is that one is a distinguished Englishman
and the other one is just a silly American. This gives KSI a huge advantage over Logan. Americans are basically the downgraded descendants
of us Brits, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if a British man schooled the American man
once again, as this has been happening for thousands of years throughout history. If you didn’t already know this, just pick
up a textbook … goddamn millennials don’t know anything these days, get off your phone
and stop worrying about how many Facespace notifications you have and PICK UP A BOOK
INSTEAD! #KillAllMillenials #2: KSI is black – 1 point for KSI
Another genetic advantage KSI has over Logan is that he’s black. If you’re a fan of TV news, you probably
know that black people tend to be rather violent and quite savage. They have a rather excellent genetic predisposition
for fighting, because they are used to fighting in the ghettos and prisons. I’m not sure if KSI grew up in the ghetto
or if he’s ever been to prison, but we know that he used to hunt di lions [african pronunciation
“hunt di lions!”] with his brother Babatunde in Wakanda, so it’s safe to assume he knows
how to fight. #3: They are both rappers – 1 point for Logan
Paul They are both rappers, but while KSI raps
about non gentleman stuff, like sluts, drugs and anime – that cartoon shit that only
nerds watch, Logan Paul’s music is Disney channel friendly with hits like – Its Everyday
Bro. This approach to music shows that Logan is
a mature gentleman, which gives him higher chances at beating KSI, because he is quite
a child I dare say. #4: Logan dates hot girls – 1 point for Logan
Paul Logan Paul’s girlfriends are way hotter
than KSI’s girlfriends, so he must be more alpha. From what I’ve heard, KSI doesn’t even date
girls – he only hangs out with a bunch of men he calls “sidemen”. Yes, that’s right! Besides his preference to spend time with
men over women, which is rather beta, he isn’t even commited to one. He has a bunch of sidemen hanging around him
and milking him out of his money like some gold-diggers. This is a common problem of us rich folk,
but a true gentleman will only let a bimbo scam him out of his money, not a bunch of
men he can’t even have sex with. Here is some pick-up artist advice from a
master pickup artist – me: if you are picking up a gold digger, make sure that the gold
digger is a woman! If it is a man, what the hell is the point
of it?! #5: KSI is in a gang – 1 point for KSI
His homosexual friend circle – the sidemen – also happens to be his gang. I don’t have much information about their
practices, but I know for a fact that they are dangerous people! I heard their gang includes a pedofile who
locks children up in his basement, a ketamine addict who likes to kick
his mother’s face, more of his nigerian brothers, a lesbian and other
dangerous individuals! When a gangster gets beaten up, usually his
fellow gang friends retaliate and brutally murder the person that beat him up. I’m sure Logan know about this, because
he’s from the gang capital – the United States of… America, so I think he won’t even try to
win, because he will fear for his life. #6 Logan Paul is a better person – 1 point
for Logan Paul Let’s compare the hard facts. Logan Paul cured color blindness, took amazing
care of his dogs and constantly supports other countries traditions, like he did when he
visited Japan! On the other hand KSI is a meany who’s only
know for his RAPE FACE – no surprise, this is something I’d expect from someone who
hits his mother on Christmas eve. You see, I’m a Christian and I was taught
that God rewards good people for good actions. Logan Paul is clearly a better person and
therefore he will be rewarded by God and might win this match. Hm, looking at the points, it seems like it’s
a draw! Oh well! I guess we’ll just have to see how the fight
unfolds. I plan on attending this fight in person with
my mother, so if you want me to make a behind the scenes video of the fight, let me know
down in the comment section below. I also prepared a challenge for you guys and
the reward is rather extraordinary. What I’m about to say will quite certainly
blow your mind. If you manage to get this video to 1,000 likes,
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  1. Hello gentlemens and ladies reading this comment
    I am only one who miss the older videos, which was more simple, jokes in them were shorter and less forced?
    Sincerely matycer

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