71 thoughts on “KSI VS AnEsonGib – Boxing Match *UNSEEN FOOTAGE*

  1. Gib's issa beast,you did well Bro, waiting for that Joe Weller fight..you can fight Jake too👍👍👍👍👊👊👊👊👊

  2. What you mean who won? I think you know who won KSI WON. N your scraping was just inaccurate hits while you keep your head down rushing in. if I was KSI I would've thrown a lot of uppercuts it would've teach you a valuable lesson to protect your head better

  3. When it came 2 round 3 it sed 4 but part from that sum decent content 1nce again. Another good sparring vid between u n JJ

  4. There is no reason for Ksi to be a hands down fighter, he’s not good enough to have his hands down, he needs to keep both hands up or at least in a tight philly shell and Viddal needs to help him work on his hooks because they’re about trash, might as well be slaps. Gib needs to calm down, they praise his sloppiness, one perfectly placed shot and he’s out. They need rounds with actual boxers to get better. I know they’re amateurs but people treat them like pros and are blind to their incompetence.

  5. I had KSI winning the 1st, 3rd, 4th round, and I also had him winning 5th because of him not tiring like gib did, and I also had him winning the 6th round because he hit gib with harder punches
    So that mean that gib won the 2nd round
    All rounds 10 – 9
    Which means that I scored the fight 49-46

  6. I’d say it’s pretty close but Ksi defo won, respect to Vidal for training these two I’d love to have Vidal train me

  7. Ksi is obviously going easy on him as ksi manly throws jabs while gib throws a cluster of shots and that's why gib looks so good in the ring

  8. Gib and KSI were neck and neck, KSI won from keeping gib back and connecting those jabs but Gib won from getting inside and brawling like a dog . Both were even fighters and I would love to see Jake vs Gib and Deji vs Joe in the Rematch

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