KSI doesn’t actually want to kill Logan Paul at the boxing rematch so everyone can calm down  – Late

 KSI has confirmed he doesn’t actually want to kill his rival Logan Paul at the boxing rematch so we can all just calm down a bit  The YouTube star, who’s in the last stages of training before the rematch at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, partook in some pretty nasty trash talk, before explaining himself in a tweet Well, that’s a relief.  Despite JJ making it clear that he does in fact want his opponent to live through the fight, things got heated at the final press conference  After some bizarre trash talk, which involved Logan firing maths questions at JJ (honestly, who knows?), the pair had a dramatic stare-down  However, it all kicked off when KSI gave Logan a shove, sending him flying across the stage  Getting up in each other’s faces, Logan smirked: ‘Tinier than I thought. Let’s go with the lip Let’s go with it. You breathing? Eyes know? I like that damage I did last year. I’m going to do some more this year ’  Unphased by the threat, his rival calmly stated: ‘Can’t wait.’  But KSI’s response appeared to spur his fellow YouTuber on, as the internet sensation quipped: ‘Yeah, me neither Do you have medical insurance?’  Making sharp remarks of his own, the 26-year-old ignored Logan’s comment as he pressed: ‘I can’t wait I’m going to end your career. I’m not going to shake your hand after.’  The controversial star remained confident, adding: ‘You know the window has passed for you to end my career You know how unfortunate that is right? We’re just getting started.’

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