58 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The 360 Defense against a KNIFE

  1. Ho visto molti vostri video, siete fantastici! E sopratutto fate una spiegazione semplice e facilmente comprensibile continuate cosi 😉

  2. Classic drill. In my school we do it with both arms, random order, gradually increasing the speed, without the knife, just hands and keeping eye contact all the time in order to use peripheral  vision.We end the class with bruised forearms.

  3. One of the drills we try is eyes closed then a push or kick and immediate 360 attack. I love your videos, I use some of your techniques to confuse my partner in class.

  4. Good, basic drill. My issue with it is that it only works against smallish blades/weapons. Should and can be modified so it works against larger ones. This can be done by "zoning" heavily, I believe – going deep into them at a forty five degree angle. That way, you can even block something as large as a machete, or bigger, because you're entirely out of the way (evasion+blocking). The same type of concept applies to straight attacks, in a similar manner to krav maga's inside defense – stepping out at a forty-five degree angle and executing something like that (a la the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program's counter to the lead/rear hand punch).

    Here it is if you want to reference it (you can do CTRL+F "Counter to Rear Hand Punch" and "Counter to Lead Hand Punch" – this is the inside defense): http://www.marines.mil/News/Publications/ELECTRONICLIBRARY/ElectronicLibraryDisplay/tabid/13082/Article/126855/mcrp-3-02b.aspx

    MCMAP also uses a similar style of weapons countering (what I'm speaking of). Its base (principles) is good, not too fond of the applications. 

  5. Fucking bull shit! All this crap doesn't work because an attacker is going to stab you with all his power and speed. An attacker can stab you like 3 times on one second and whatever defence you are trying to perform, it is not going to work. If the guy is friendly enough to show you the knive, start running!

  6. I completely disagree with this guy. The best thing to do when fighting a person is to stretch each of your arms and turn around really quickly like a helicopter. That way you can hit your opponent several times and at least block him from entering. Works every time against any type of fighter, except of course the one who is running away!

  7. Tienes que desbiar el golpe, eso mismo, pero sin bloquear, dejar que siga su trajectoria sin que te toque la navaja para hacerle la contra. enserio te crees que eso si te lo hace uno que te saque 180 kilos mas que tu y tenga mas fuerza que tu, TE LO VAS A PARAR??? no me hagas reir

  8. This may be a good training method but a knife fight is so fast and violent you do get cut and stabbed what you would call defensive wounds the biggest problem is seeing it coming ,it happens so fast

  9. I don't think this is a good defense. If your oppenent is stronger he can break through that arm block and you don't want that when a knife is involved. 

  10. As we said at the beginning of the video, this is just an EXERCISE to develop your skills… it's like a game, not a complete technique, so be careful!

  11. complimenti per i vostri video, vorrei fare una domanda dove guardare l'avversario per riuscire a vedere di più partire i suoi attacchi ?

  12. La mia ragazza ha chiesto se potete fare un video su come fare a liberarsi quando ti prendono e ti mettono sulla spalla per portarti via. Non insegnatele cose troppo brutte sennò le prova su di me 😀

  13. I really like this..i do Taekwondo but this is a a more aggressive knife defense..please whatch my channel for samplers

  14. Love seeing Krav "bread and butter" training….will save you instinctively from these types of knife attacks….plus ive love to meet your aunt's, or mothers….yep, I do love Italian Women….yummo 

  15. Questo mmm come definirlo, sparring, non è per niente d'aiuto a chi davvero vuole difendersi. Se di fronte a me c'è una persona con un coltello di quelle dimensioni, al primo colpo cerco di avvicinarlo e proiettarlo il più velocemente possibile a terra o quantomeno di disarmarlo, al massimo lo faccio al secondo, così, giusto per capire se quell'oggetto (che potrebbe anche essere un vetro) lo sa usare o meno. Non scherzate, nella realtà non dareste mai a un nemico tutte queste possibilità di "accoltellarvi". Non avete neanche messo in conto se chi avete d'avanti sia più o meno esperto nell'uso del coltello e a 'sto punto, neanche nell'usare l'altra mano..

  16. This technique is good I train this with my close friend. But I have a problem if your opponent is strong arm. If you wanna strong like criminal
    Push up 50 times
    Dumbell 100 times
    Some stretch
    Pull ups

  17. Gente,a faca não vai parar de cortar só pq VC coloca o braco como bloqueio e só virar ,mudar a trajetória para cortar o braco que bloqueia e depois continuar cor tanto,pare de acreditar nessa de força de elite de Israel e. Blá blá blá procurem treino e instrução de kombato e vcs abriram os olhos

  18. I think this is misleading, I know next to nothing about fighting in general, but I at least know that you're just fucked if an attacker has any sort of sharp or bladed weapon while you're naked. better off keeping your distance and finding some sort of advantage

  19. This is probably mostly for defense against an untrained attacker. No one even marginally trained in knife fighting is going to telegraph that much, and most attacks will be straight – not round. He could throw a hand out to the side as a brief distraction, then use the opening to put the knife straight into your sternum (or intestines) – using either grip. Then, what would you do? It's best to run from a knife fight if possible.

  20. Hello, i do krav maga about 6 months and I was sick When we learned 360 there and I still cant it good.How can I train that Best? Just on some place or to a wall, When im at home

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  22. I think that to ko a guy with a knife if you block him is a suicide because i think that you have to pass out the knife then you can punch him

  23. i train BJJ my defence is to lay on the ground and let the attack come to me with the knife cos im so pro and im gonna be an mma/ufc dick rider

  24. i train BJJ for a week and im so pro now i can take 5 men on at once i just get on the ground and let all 5 jump on me cos im an mma dick riding ufc faggpott

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  26. In martial art matches I never saw this kind of blocking. Did somebody managed to defend with this technique in real life situation?

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