KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to counter punches in sparring

If he throws a jab (or a cross) I have to move my head to the side if the punch is straight like that I dodge it this way however I always keep my guard up for safety because otherwise it could happen something like this and this is a KO! If he hits my face like that I could be knocked out I must always protect my face with my hands I protect myself and I disturb him but I don’t do only this I must step to the side and hit him at the same time so I make him also lose his balance because otherwise he could give me other punches and sooner o later he will strike me if I move to the side his punch goes to empty and if I hit him in this moment my punch is stronger because the impact is stronger this way, as my and his directions are opposite in fact he’s coming towards me, and I use his kinetic energy, so the impact is the result of my and his strength this is a dynamic situation, and his musculature is stretched while he’s hitting he is not contracted as while he’s defending himself, so it hurts more we hit genitals, the throat or the nose if you hit genitals it hurts more if she is a woman you can also hit his breast

26 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to counter punches in sparring

  1. Scrivo rispondendo a xykhify, che ha detto "LORO NON USANO PROTEZIONI", combatti tu con Luca Goffi senza protezioni e poi mi fai sapere se vai a casa con le tue gambe. P.S. Io peso 15 kg più di lui e non sono un novellino, ma ti assicuro che ero ko in pochi secondi.

  2. aiuto!!! Ma parlo veramente cosi???
    Il prossimo video prima di metterlo su internet e sputtanarmi davanti al mondo DOPPIATELO!!! Magari con una voce tipo James Bond o quella del Gladiatore.

  3. The slip to the side is too big, half of it is sufficient enough, faster and less dangerous. The attacker won't leave his hand out in the open after the punch, and after the counterattack he will not stay in that same exact position, so this combo at the end will not work at all. Also, countering to the crotch in this situation is nice and all, but most of the time you won't be in good distance, the throat is a better idea, but you might kill the poor bastard, so countering to the face is the most popular option.. oh and no mention of any distance management, kind of the most important thing here.. 😉 but these kind of details you learn at the gym, so see you there.
    Overall, pretty nice vid.

  4. bella tecnica spiegata benissimo  si potrebbe anche con lo stesso movimento colpire i genitali a mano aperta cambia poco, cm dopo na manata ai testicoli gli altri colpi sono  relativi perche e gia  per terra

  5. Stick to KM not Kickboxing it develops bad habits. Basically use the inside defence then counter with a knee or shin to the nuts.

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  7. Uno abbastanza veloce dopo averti sferrato un pugno e dopo aver visto che ti sei spostato farebbe in tempo a tirare un montante corpo a corpo secondo me

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