KRAV MAGA TRAINING • End a fight in 3 seconds!

Mal sehen wie es in einer Situation mit dem Schubsen ist, welche sehr häufig auf der Straße vorkommt. Das Schubsen wird unter anderem dafür benötigt, um sich selbst aufzuputschen und Selbstvertrauen gegenüber dem Gegner aufzubauen. Ihr müsst wissen, wie ihr es vermeiden könnt, denn es ist eine der häufigsten Situationen überhaupt. Der Stoß ist eine lineare Attacke. Daher muss ich versuchen aus der Angriffsrichtung heraus zu kommen. Er stößt mich und Ich weiche aus. Anschließend werde ich versuchen ihn zu schlagen. Es gibt zwei Verteidigungsarten. Die “Körper-Verteidigung” ist diese. Dann gibt es noch die Verteidigung mit den Händen. Ich verhalte mich also ob die Hände des Angreifers eine gerade schlagen würden. Ich kontrolliere beide Hände des Angreifers gleichzeitig. Eine geht runter und die andere nach außen. Schon steht der Angreifer mit gekreuzten Armen da und ich kann seine Nase mit einem gezielten Schlag treffen. Das kann einen Schock der Halswirbelsäule verursachen. Wie ihr seht folge ich der Armbewegung des Angreifers in diese Richtung. Dann treffe ich ihn. Sein Körper bewegt sich nach vorne und ich stoppe seinen Kopf. Wenn wir ihn so treffen und er zu Boden fällt, ist das sehr gefährlich. Daher greife ich ihn mit meinem anderen Arm. Ich gehe so nah wie möglich an ihn heran, so dass ich so wenig Kraft wie möglich benötige. So kann auch eine Frau ohne große Anstrengung einen Mann mit dem Gesicht zu Boden bringen.

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  2. Too many keyboard warriors here.

    Let me say this; Krav Maga is a military self defense from Israel derived from arts such as Boxing, Aikido and countless other – Israel is place prone to warfare. Now let me tell you this, A man who devoted his entire life in the military training this 'shit' can kick your spandex wearing ass thousand times!

    I've seen a BJJ practitioner here who claims this as shit – The first and foremost rule of of warfare is never let a fight go to the ground because once you do, you are fucking dead. So if I had to give a logical reasoning here, I could say BJJ is pathetic and useless but do I say it? No, because I know it will work in some cases so for fucks sake stop comparing your bullshit UFC to this.

    You guys got referees and these guys got AK pointed at their chest.

    You know what? You can kiss these military asses because you wannabes never got yourself in a do or die situation. For fucks sake, shut your whiny mouth up and cover your sugar coated asses before I kick it to Mars

  3. Yes it makes sense but why it really goes down all those moves go right out the window how come when you see fights in video's and the UFC you never see anyone doing that move

  4. If you have ever bin in a real fight with someone that knows how to fight shit like that dont work the only thing that works are hard punches to the jaw so dont waste your time thinking crap like this is going to end it in 3 seconds 😂

  5. Out of his line…doesn't work..There is one step to do before that and then it's working..


  7. Wow dude if you can train with the boots you're wearing then you really know your technique pretty awesome presentation.

  8. Go try this, 37,000,000 others besides you trying this silly shit, mutual self destruct lol, stop LARPing and learn to fight.

  9. very wise coach! – ask the fighter to push him to show everyone how to fit him. Next time, make you raise your hands and growl.

  10. For the first 2 minutes i was thinking that this guy was talking Russian. Then i realized that it was actually Italian… with a Russian accend. Italians dont have a reputation in dynamic sports. No luck that the only 2 Italian fighters i know are Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill.

  11. Lets be real: you cant fight like this on street. The opponent would beat you. This can do just professional fighters

  12. It does not matter on knowing a technique or two as you have just shown nearly as much as correct practice then when you have it down to a pretty good level do the real training Get Your Head Space Trained. The body is like a vehicle the brain of the person driving is the real difference.
    I have been teaching martial arts for over 25 years in different styles and the head is the one that matters the most. Its a pity so many tube trainers do not even mention anything apart from how good their style is, no good in real life if you panic!

  13. and why would I need self defense . think about it..or be the real NU Naturally which is to live in the TRU REALITY LIFE IS,, requires nothing and IS noStruggle…just CUUL.. NU U U

  14. Che cagata, è come finire all'ospedale in 3 secondi, comunque il titolo è il più idota al quale si possa pensare

  15. Now lets see a boxer end a fight come on how many of these instructors from any art or style have had real street fight experience

  16. everything taught is a puzzle piece. It's up to you where it fits. Every fight is different, and every fight is the same.

  17. Unless you SPAR in whatever your discipline, it's all for naught. You can rehearse for this or that, but what happens when your opponent attacks you in a way you weren't trained for? What happens if that day you haven't "warmed up" ahead of time? What iF this, that & another dozen things happen? Guys train for months in the UFC to block and bob and weave and duck and avoid and parry punches and yet these pros STILL get hit – – and that doesn't even begin to include kicks & takedowns! Oh, and the person who attacks you on the street will most likely be Bigger, Faster & Stronger than you. Attackers don't pick on Opponents, only potential Victims!

  18. For the average guy like you and me the most effective way to win a fight probably is to learn how to avoid, take and throw a punch. So that you don't go down when getting hit right away…

  19. Thanks for the offer and good performance. I like the show.

    Riyad Al-Khowaiter from Iraq Basra

  20. I would have to type these instructions in my phone, then pull out my phone and go over the instructions because I would have forgotten the moves then after 10 or 20 seconds I would be ready but I would probably be hurt within the first 3 seconds. Does this still work for me?

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