[MUSIC PLAYING] After 20 years of
teaching Krav Maga, I still never really know who’s
going to make it black belt. [MUSIC PLAYING] It takes time to get
through beginner level, intermediate level,
advanced level. And nowadays, most people
just don’t have the patience. And it’s not just
the physical aspect, anyone can get stronger, anyone
can learn our techniques. It’s the focus,
the perseverance, and the commitment required. That’s the hard part. The most important
thing I learned is never doubt yourself,
always push yourself, and when things get
tough, just push past it and always persevere. Never ever give up. [MUSIC PLAYING] Most important thing I learned
was the buck, trap and roll and kick off from the guard. When there’s a big guy on
you, and you just finally get him off. It just feels incredible. It makes me feel confident. I feel safer in general. That’s really what I’ve learned. [MUSIC PLAYING] I will always love hugs,
but I will also enjoy being able to defend myself. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve been preparing for this for
a very long time, since 2014. It’s an amazing feeling. [MUSIC PLAYING] The bear hug with a lift,
that’s very important because since you’re smaller,
people can pick you up easier, and it’s definitely
a more efficient way to abduct a child. And to know how to defend that
is definitely a great skill at this point in my life. Always keep a good
fighting stance and keep your hands up so you
don’t get hit in the head. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s been awesome for me
to watch you guys grow. It’s been a long time
waiting for you, right? Yeah? Try to prevent yourself from
holding everything back– from holding anything back,
because you are really good. You are really good at this,
and I want you to understand, and I want you to feel
comfortable with what you’re doing now. OK? I remember each one of
these kids as white belts. Angelina was always very
aware of what she was learning and why. Zach always had very
precise questions. Chris never stopped smiling. Audrey, I thought she
would last a week at most. And little Alex never kept his
hands up when he first started. Look at them now. Nothing can stop them. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Man, I love these kids, and
I’m really proud of them and really proud to
have them represent us. [MUSIC PLAYING] I feel really great. Oh, it feels amazing. I worked so hard for this. I feel incredible right now.

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