Stop son! What happened? Anybody talking to you ? You said drummer to him! Is he drummer ? Fuck your papa! Don’t talk with me ! Is he drummer? You said that fifty times ! Fuck you!! He said to you, not me ! No I didn’t! Came on! I didn’t said to you! Don’t lie! He isn’t drummer ! Ha? Is he drummer? Is he drummer? Gonna show you! I saw him beating drum Who ? Koksal! No he is not! Come, we re going. Fuck you! Do you know who i am! Fuck your cunt! There’s car. Walk. Get in to car. Get in to car No he doesnt beat drum. (Behind) I’ll bring him to party! Get in the car! Man stop ! Open the door! Get in. Crush him! Get in and crush him ! Crush him! Look at him! Look him ! If you say me again ! Fuck your papa! Your wife! Your mama! Go drink your milk! Leave him relax! Came on!


  1. I know this is for gags but reality check: This is how arabs treat people birth defects. They think he is less than human. I can't imagine the hardship this guy faces outside of how he is treated.

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