Kofi Kingston not done with Brock Lesnar: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

Kofi Kingston, you ushered in this new
era of SmackDown as the WWE champion. But unfortunately that match tonight
against Brock Lesnar, a quick one.>>Yeah.>>He left SmackDown,
the debut of SmackDown on Fox tonight as the new WWE Champion. How are you feeling at this moment?>>It’s a lot of emotions to be honest. You know that your championship
reign is not gonna last forever. But to have it go out like that,
obviously, I knew what kind of man I was up against. And maybe I was a little bit too anxious. I’ll go back and watch the tape and
see exactly what went wrong. [LAUGH] There’s not much tape to watch,
but it is what it is. I said all along that Brock Lesnar was
an enormous mountain to try and climb. But I pride myself on being up to
the challenge to climb those mountains. And no shame, I feel like I beat
a lot of good competitors and dare I say,
great competitors from Daniel Bryan to Kevin Owens to Samoa Joe,
even Sami Zayn was in there. I wrestled AJ Styles, and
I came out on top over all of them. So I just bring my all every single night. And tonight that fell a little bit short,
so.>>Well, I think I speak for the entire WWE Universe in saying
you were an excellent WWE Champion.>>Well, I appreciate you,
thank you for saying that. Thank you for saying that. Definitely it means a lot and there’s a lot of people out
there that believed in me. And unfortunately tonight I let them down. But I’m still very appreciative of the
support that I’ve had since before Mania, since Elimination Chamber. The support from the WWE Universe
has been incredible. And I’m just so appreciative for all the love that I felt
over these past few months. It’s been a crazy ride, my brothers in
The New Day support me the whole way. So it is what it is,
you know what I’m saying? It doesn’t feel very good but these
trying situations are what make us grow.>>Of course, following your match,
Cain Velasquez coming out and laying out Brock Lesnar. What exactly do you make of that?>>Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me
because the WWE title is the most coveted title in all the sports really, who
doesn’t wanna be adored by all the fans? Who doesn’t wanna come out and be able to perform in front of a fan
base as energetic as the WWE Universe? So I’ve heard rumors and I’ve seen
some things and I know Cain Velasquez is a fan of what we do, and
I also know he doesn’t like Brock Lesnar. So honestly, I’m not really surprised,
you know what I’m saying? It’ll be interesting to
see kinda what happens. I think I’m still trying to
process what I’ve lost right now before I start speculating
on other people coming in. And figuring out how I can get
back in that title scene cuz it took me a very long time to get here. And just trying to stay there,
you know what I’m saying? And trying to get back in, and
continue to be in that mix. So if that road includes a Cain Velasquez
in the middle of it, then so be it. We will cross that bridge when it comes. Definitely interesting, for sure,
to see somebody come again, from a different world to our world. So it’s just a testament
to how big WWE has gotten.>>You do good.>>Yeah, yeah.>>Thank you, man.>>Hey, come on, man. [LAUGH]
>>It seems like a big uphill battle.>>That’s the kind of
love that I experienced. We got Mark Henry literally
sweating all over me.>>For no reason.>>But it’s all good to come over and
show some love man. I appreciate that man too, but yeah.

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  1. He is not going to get it back now till he retired, it was just matter of fact he is in wwe since 15yrs and not won the world title

  2. Vince did it again screwing humiliating and disrespecting black people how can one have such a good reign n to loose it in seconds

  3. What ever anyone says man but Kofi is a fighting champion,he will be ready when ever you want him to defend his title even if the opponent 5x time stronger than him….. But at this point he is nowhere near to be as same league as Brock or Cain Velasquez are so I don't think Kofi getting that title anytime soon 😕

  4. The only black man that I know they get screwed over faster than Kofi Kingston is me I'm always getting screwed over that's my life though


  6. We need a refocus. We need a New Day 2.0. Bring in Mark Henry. Booker T. Titus O'Neil. MVP. R Truth. Apollo Crews. Lio Rush. Ricochet. Cedric Alexander. Bobby Lashley. Shelton Benjamin. Jason Jordan. ACH. Keith Lee. Velveteen Dream. Street Profits. Cryme Tyme. Jacqueline. Naomi. Alicia Fox. Ember Moon. Bianca Belair. Sasha Banks. Cameron. Nia Jaxx. The USO'S. & recruit Jay Lethal & bring back Broadus Clay. You don't have to be Nation of Domination, but do have that Bullet Club/NWO feel.

  7. This has to be the record for shortest WWE championship match ever the record before I think was Diesel Vs Backlund I think this match has that match beat

  8. kofi should not be a wwe champ again if he is sad that he loos the title its true hoe so wwe does good with again after some time

  9. There is bigger titles than the WWE world title in all of sports. WWE is fake so every other title in every other sport is bigger cause it's not fake.

  10. your time is done u and the new day leave the wwe and never come back. every time I see u guys on wwe it makes me sick to my stomach

  11. I was very glad to for Kofi even having a chance, better yet this brother winning the belt and holding it as long as he did. I think there's a reason to still be happy no matter how the run ended, not many of his kind in weight class ever make it to this level

  12. Even if they put on a show for us and their match lasted at least 15 minutes, you people would still be complaining of the fact that Kofi lost. It's a lose and lose situation ! Grow up people. It's BROCK LESNAR !!

  13. Kofi what happen Dude? One F5 and its done, is WWE behind this? Because i know Kofi have more in the tank than that truly, Kofi u did not loose u were Robbed man. The next big match is Brock and Cain that's the reason Kofi had to loose the title, Bussiness perspective it makes more sense, I don't like what WWE is doing to there wrestlers, pushing them forward and others are hold back, so unfair, I would not be surprise if Kofi goes to AEW, Shame on u WWE

  14. Kofi Kingston was an excellent WWE Heavyweight Champion and he had a great title reign. His loss was a very quick one, it would’ve been nice if the match were longer.

  15. Vince made Kofi look like the dummest Wrestler ever,. imagine if you're Kofi and you had to walk by the gorilla position, and you have Vince and his chronies giving you the thumbs up, and saying stuff like this is a team and you played your role m,. pssh

  16. Ain't no coming back from this if you're Kofi, let's be honest. Hey WWE YouTube uploader person tell your bosses boss to go away.

  17. "As first revealed on WWE's The Bump, WWE will make an announcement this Friday featuring COO Triple H, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Braun Strowman, former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez, Rey Mysterio and heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas."

    Check the date on my comment here… I think they're going to announce the cancellation of Crown Jewel, that it is going to be held in Vegas instead. Either that CM Punk shows up and get's matched VS Mysterio.

  18. That was straight disrespect. 10 second loss and you're supposed to be the reigning champion??Heavyweight titles don't change hands on these type shows, they're usually won or lost on PPVs. They couldn't give the man that courtesy? That shows what they actually thought of him as champion Smh

  19. He was on FOX….of course they're gonna make vince book a storyline where the black guy loses the title to the white guy

  20. You are not on. Brock lesnar's level though you're just a jobber. I mean come on you listed jobbers like zami zayn and aj styles 😂 they're no where near Brock lesnar

  21. It seems like the higher ups are using Brock these days for "special" occasions , just take the undertaker's WrestleMania streak for example. in other words they are using Brock as a convenience so fans would think "well he did lose to Brock lesner after all".it was a cop-out move for Kofi to lose the belt that way and it sucked.

  22. He didn't even start with Brock Lesnar. WWE does need to be a bit careful, for the first time in years, there is another promotion that can pay performers a very healthy wage.

  23. Kofi Kingston redemption would be cool he aparts from new by saying he needs to fight this war alone if he needs to known as the top single star …goes against obstacles win rumble fights n comes over the odds by Beating Brock in a street fight..

  24. I feel like every superstar wrestler have to do what the contract says once they sign their name on that _______ that's what you have to do

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