Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Uppercut Punch in Koden Kan Martial Arts

Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been instructing
for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate, if you’d like to see
more about our style and about us go to h2hctc.com or mellei.com and there’s all information
you want on all that. Today I’m going to show you uppercut, this is another strike
and you’re going to start in your kiba dachi stance again with your knees very low and
your back is straight, nice strong core, bring your hands back and you want your wrist to
be straight, proper fist and your elbows up. Uppercut is going to go at a 45 degree angle
up and then rest back here to your chest, as you do the next strike you’re going to
bring hand back to your set point alright. The main thing people do wrong on this is
they’ll go like this…okay this is going to be a more structured strike than that,
so you’re just going to bring it from your set position up to a 45 degree angle and back
and what you’re doing is you’re making contact and then you’re continuing on and
following through with the strike, bring it up all the way through and back, so it’s
one fluid motion, strike and back okay and that is uppercut.

32 thoughts on “Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Uppercut Punch in Koden Kan Martial Arts

  1. Umm…

    MMA – MIXED martial arts.

    Karate – A martial art that can be MIXED with other arts, i.e., a potential component of MMA.

  2. What he's saying is, the stance is simply useless in a real combat situation. With your legs that far apart, 1) you cannot stop a 150 pound person barreling toward you in a head long rush 2) you cant move out of the way quick enough 3) you cant generate enough power to intercept the rush even if you DID manage to make contact 4) my legs reach longer than your arms. Since you cant kick in return, I can kick you while you stand there. 5) There's just no point to this stance.

  3. All other things aside, I've trained olympic level athletes and serious martial art combatants. There's simply no friggen way in hell that her noodely little arms will ever be able to inflict enough damage to dissuade or even discourage an attacker. For kick and technique strength, you would have to squat at least your own body weight, with "diminishing returns" happening at squatting twice your body weight. They give black belts to just about anyone these days.

  4. A 68 kilo person running toward you at 25 kph will have a very high kinetic force. The speed of an object increases kinetic force exponentially. Even if she did land a direct shot, with the force of her punch combined with the oncoming speed of her target, she cannot hope to reverse his momentum and stop him from ending up on top of her and choking her out with that stance.

  5. I wouldn't say that at all, Karate is an OLD breed, the basic theory within it when it's approached from a modern perspective. I would agree all around, for sheer street effectiveness not much beats out Krav Maga…that's basically what it's about.

  6. if som1 were to sprint at her that punch wood be shit and she wood topple backwards, she clearly hasnt tried using it in a real situation

  7. why cant i find a girl like this ? she can teach me karate, shes pretty and nice and she can tame me cause im such a lion

  8. No "move" is a "killing" or "maiming" move.
    The closest thing you'll ever get to Killing is going to be a choke or a crank to the neck.
    All others (including this bread and butter uppercut) are one of the MANY tools available to a fighter to GET TO killing and maiming, ass kicking or whatever.

    A simple basic punch can be Killing if you get really fucking lucky and hit a vital spot at the right time, or if you land success of different strikes until you KTFO your opponent.

  9. To the general public:
    If your school keeps trying to teach you death moves I suggest you GTFO immediately. Even if they are legit killing techniques (sal gi) they should not be teaching any of those for a very long time after you have trained. And when you do get there, you'll realize there are no magic death moves. Just how to put together yyou already know, a fight is still gonna be a fight.

    These videos are alright. Besides, the instructor is pretty hot. Keep em comin'!

  10. What the fuck are you talking about? I never brought up krav maga. You were replying to someone else. I'm merely replying to your "killing maiming" comment.

    Please don't be an ignorant fighter.

  11. You can message me if you are interested. I hold several black belts, cross trained in different arts, done MMA tournaments.. blah blah blah. This isn't a topic worth "debating."
    Nothing as stupid as dumb MA discussion.

  12. you realize I'm not replying because your accusation is really stupid? if you can't make the connection from my reply and your exact words I'm not going to waste my time explaining it

  13. Jesus Christ save ME !!!

    Man this is just so lame, because WHO the hell stands like that just to do a upper cut ???
    Doubt Mike Tyson would do a uppercut that crappy…

  14. People stop posting bad comments if you dont like this video then go pay for a damn class! theres more to karate than this video if ur smart you should know that ! FACKING RETARDS!! RESPECT THE LADY !

  15. people, if you want to learn real upper cut and other hooks , go take some boxing/kick boxing/savate/muaythai lessons… karate has good kicks, but not really anything else which would work in action .. punches and blocks are terrible. But even if karate is not so good in street it is still good form of exercise 🙂 Kyokushin-Karate is exceptional, it really works. sorry bad english 😀

  16. this is not sparring (kumite) it is bare bones basics (kihon). Multiple things are going on with the biginner version of this move. As the student progresses the technique will evolve to the uppercut most people recognize. the horse stance (kiba-dachi) has many variations but one constant is that the feet must be parallel to each other.used for endurance training as well as strengthening the back and leg muscles, tendon strength, and overall feeling and understanding of "feeling grounded".

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