Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : The Wedge Move in Koden Kan Martial Arts

Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been instructing
for over 10 years for Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate and if you’d like to
see more about our school and our style please go to h2hctc.com or my website is mellei.com.
Today we’re going to learn our first self defense technique and it’s called the wedge.
Okay you’re just going to stand normally with your feet about shoulder width apart
and this is from an attacker choking you, so what you’re going to do is you’re going
to bring your fist up, cover it with your other hand, don’t do this…do this…you’re
going to step to the inside of their stance and you’re going to thrust your hands up
through their arms, so that’s break the choke hold, then you’re going to bring your
hands back here and strike to the bridge of the nose, then you’re going to grab behind
their neck and do a knee to the groin as you simultaneously bring their head into your
shoulder. This is you know obviously going to get them go away, okay and let me just
show you how that would work on a person, she comes in and does the choke, I’m going
to step in, bring my fist up, cover it and I’m going to keep my elbows out as I do
this and that breaks the choke, you’re going to strike to the bridge of the nose, when
you grab behind the neck keep your thumbs up so you can control where the head goes
and you’re going to bring their head into your shoulder as you lift into a knee to the
groin, okay and that’s the wedge.

61 thoughts on “Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : The Wedge Move in Koden Kan Martial Arts

  1. It doesn't matter how tall you or your opponent is… this simply will not work. Their grasp of your neck is not going to be light, they can easily wrestle against that rising "wedge" motion as they are in a better position to use muscle to push down than you are to move your arms up… not to mention you are fighting muscle against muscle. A turn of the body, a shift of position, then the use of arm bars, wrist locks, strikes that will actually help you yes… this, not so much.

  2. This is what is taught to a lot of the girls before they come to my school, it's pretty useless. You have to be immensely stronger than your attacker, even then it might not work cause they usually come with momentum. arm bars or sacrifice throws are much better.

  3. I'm told that u only have 3 to 5 seconds to respond… but I am intructed to ALWAYS hit of kick my opponent… that is to "shock" them

  4. But remember if we are talking women's self-defense then they may simply be too short to get a decent to the groin, and an uppercut from a small woman is not going to stop someone 🙂 As for always hitting someone to shock them… yes it can work, but a lock/body manipulation done right, with balance being taken and using your body correctly, can work without strikes. This series is a prime example of learning without understanding 🙂

  5. If you hit the nose first, the hold will break automatically as (s)he tries to cover his/her -hopefully- bleeding and broken nose. There is no point in the lifting move, cause you are not strong enough to break the hold without oxygene.

  6. though I'd agree he has a point, ones best bet would be something that isn't within eye level, a hard kick to the side of the knee driving downward, or to the groin causes enough pain to draw attention. If the attacker doesn't know where the pain is for one split second their attention and you can use that to proceed however you like (her combo of bringing both hands down on the nose and kneeing the groin is perfect for a girl as the double fists would lend more power to the blow.

  7. Coz it did not work. -.-
    Imagine a cow 1 head taller than me, boxing for years, and she got hold on my throat. A lifting move does NOTHING. Thats why i suggested something else.

  8. "WereSoDoomed "..i think ur sorta right but..if id be an attacker i would nt just hold the chap by the neck..i d be simultaneosly kicking him in the sides/groin..whichever is more comfy….
    so that does disable defence…doesnt it mate..?

  9. nah…id rahter prefer settin a speed bomb in a car and make the fella drive it to all what uve said….speed less than ur prev top speed…KABOOM…howzatt???

  10. first of all in karate you are actually wearing traditional underwear, meaning it's all WHITE no black pants, second there is never a movement like that part of bringing your arms behind your head, in real karate you would strike directly without moving back first, so this is plain bullshit and has nothing to do with karate, as well as the chokehold freeing technique, till you do that your passed out, kicking or punching directly is way faster and more effective, try to learn some real karate

  11. karate for me suck man i try it for like a week n is like it dont feel right for me but muay thai man that some tuff shit i love muay thai is better man u dont have to do soo many standing shit is just alot fun for me so idk i guess karate is not for me everyone have different taste

  12. yeah I was in a karate club but in the end we started pratacing more kick boxing n kicks etc, and some self defence with knifes n shit it was alot better than learning kata's all day,.

  13. OK-first never interlock fingers-never
    next hands go behind rear of head-not neck
    rememember body goes where head goes-neck is to strong-especially if he is on drugs or steroids-

  14. Most people attacking won't just stand there
    or cooperate. Those moves have to be put
    into correct timing and preparation for counter

  15. if you could manage to avoid getting punched yourself (big if), the wedge seems like a good offensive move, just go up beneath their blocking arms and hit their chin.

  16. @WereSoDoomed

    Your 100% correct also i just want to add that the attacker won't just stand still and put his arms down they will also fight back. It doesn't not matter how much training you have things can still go wrong going to self defense classes are better then trying to learn something of a video that someone did online.

  17. @MrSilentShade no because the wedge strikes downward and the money palm strikes up but still this is pathetic
    Search my teacher Clifton Findley for proper (freestyle) karate


  19. its nice but without going for martial arts class its not use b'coz wen we fight real that moment we dont know the move we learn from internet so dont try martial arts without going class its ur safe

  20. Ridiculous American moves. You wish to know real hand to hand combat, go the country of its origin or join the military.

  21. why would you put your hands together why not just punch with one and follow up with another attack its twice as effective rather than locking your hands together then trying to keep them upright while you grab the back of their head for a knee

  22. Wow….where to begin? I appreciate someone making an effort to offer free instructional defense lessons but I respectfully disagree with this particular demo. A wedge is probably a throw back to traditional martial arts and would only work if the attacker has not yet curled his fingers into your clothing. Once he does, the wedge won't work. No leverage. Also, never bring his head into contact with your shoulder. A head butt can break a collar bone. And he has teeth. – VTVSD

  23. Gronked and kensei 1984 , Are you guys instructors , you two share very good insight , kensei you're right a tomoe nage would work better , I once tried this same move on this video and I almost got choked out untill I decide to do an o goshi throw , true certain throw will work against this choke , however this move she does is useless I know by experience !

  24. respects to madison warner for posting this, i would value your opinion on a couple of points such as interlocking the fingers rather than clasping hands as this could be a problem against a bigger stronger opponent also i think it is better mechanical advantage to strike down rather than up to break the strangle but this is meant to be a hopefully constructive analysis so please take my opinion in this light ;D yours in MA   

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