Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been instructing
for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate-do and if you’d like
to see more about our style and our website and everything that we do you can go to h2hctc.com
or my website is mellei.com. Today I’m going to show you back heel thrust, okay you’re
going to step back into your zenkutsu stance with your knee over you toes, you want it
to be nice and low and you’re going to bring your hands up in front in a set guard position.
What we’re going to do is just like the forward heel stomp we’re going to do backwards,
you’re going to bring your knee up way up in the air, stomp behind you with your heel,
bring it back up and down, okay so you’re going to lift, stomp and you’re actually
going to put your hand back with the kick as a guard and this front hand is going to
come across your body as a guard as well in case anyone comes that way while you’re
looking up. Bring your foot back up and down, you’re going to lift, stomp down, back up
and down and again this is for an attacker who is already on the ground, pretty simple,
one more time…lift, guard with your hand, back up and down, that’s back heel stomp.

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