Knuckle Pushups in Martial Arts

Hello, there. This is Alex. Now he shows how to perform knuckle pushups properly. Such kind of push-ups will make your fists stronger. It is good to do knuckle push ups. Jumping push up. This exercise often used in martial arts too. So, knuckle pushups in martial arts. Place your fists on the ground like this. All knuckles must stand on the ground. Of course, most important index and middle knuckles. These two knuckles should be used for this technique. These two knuckles are usually used in a fight. But you must place the whole fist on the ground like this. Now you can see how to perform knuckle pushups properly. It will give you the strength to beat. Look again. Try to hit the ground several times. It is a very useful exercise. This exercise often used in martial arts. During the fight, you can blow with any part of your fist to the target, so all parts of your fist must be strong. Knuckle Push ups are good because they help your knuckles get stronger. Knuckle push ups also help you make the skin on your knuckles stronger, so that, when you punch, you won’t get cut or hurt as easily. When you make your fists stronger, you can break the bricks like Alex. That’s all for today.
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16 thoughts on “Knuckle Pushups in Martial Arts

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  2. knuckle pushups are good for hardening the skin around the kuckles amking your punch harder and adding strength to your forearms and chest, people get the misconception that you can harden the bone or cartilage you cant, you can only harden the skin forming callus around the knuckles, natural armor for your knuckles

  3. You are saying the first two knuckles are most important parts but you train without first knuckle. Can you explain why? (most karate-ka pushup with first two knuckles.

  4. Its right that he said we must lean forward to focus on the index and middle fingers' knuckles. But it looks like in the video he's putting more focus in the other two fingers the pinkie and the Ring fingers' knuckles.

  5. Hello sir Alex , do you believe we should do the knuckle pushups when our wrists are stright completly or with slight bent backwards ? It looks like your left hand a bent while the right arm's wrist is straight. Thank you.

  6. I did plyometric knuckle push ups on concrete my very first time without training just for fun. This is weak

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