KNOCK-OUT-Punkt GB-20 I Kyusho Jitsu I Selbstverteidigung by Blue Dragon

The mental is mostly known as a knock out area at the head. But, what other areas do you know, …where you’re able to knock somebody out whose attacks you? If you want to know it, look and enjoy the following video. It’s me, Robert from Blue Dragon. I am happy to see you. So, which hit zone do you know exsisting at the head? Today, we want to show one more. Yes it’s a kyusho pressure point. And it’s called gallbladder 20 (GB 20) Certainly you know our videos. So, you know, we gonna show you first, were it is and then how to use it. And also how to practise. So, GB 20. Where can you find it? The point is located on the back of the head. More precisely, you see the hairline here, …and if you touch here, you can feel the backside of cranial bone. At the outer hair line in direction to the cranial bone, …. …there you can find GB 20. For the beginning it’s helpful,…. ….to feel and push for it…. to get secure in locating the point. And also call for a feedback of your opponent, wether you are on the point or not. So, have a look on Marcus’s face 😉 When you start pressing upwards, …you can see, Marcus makes a face. You can practise to each other. So, let’s have a look, wether I also make a face like a rabbit. Yes,….. that’s it. Marcus also knows how to do… So, how can you practise it? For the one thing, as you saw in the intro, there is a possibility,…. …whyever, I passed the head of my opponent with my hands. Now, I have the option, to pull my hands in this direction against his neck. To be honest, according to my own experience,… …it’s a bit challenging, because in most of the martial arts you miss the exercise to pull actively. Ok? It’s getting more easier for you, ….when you place your opponent for example. That means, … you can move away to right side of him. Or you can move away to the left side of your opponent at your desire. You see, he turns a bit. Now you can do a backfist,… …or you do a hammer fist. And that’s the way, you can practise. But, please be aware and respectfully to each other. Now you test the effect on the point. So when you hit on it like this,… …..for example with the bone of your wrist,…. ….or the joint of your small finger You go there, hit and your move should create a reaction on him. You know, same thing by Marcus against me. You will see,… there it is, the reaction. As I said, please be respectful to each other. Don’t hit the others head off. So, now we want to practise a bit. That means. What can we do? We could move to the outside by using a straight attack. As an example the technique of a pak sao You see, I’m getting to the outside and push upward. Or when you do kickboxing for example, …and you will be attacked with a roundhouse punch,… …you only have to move down a bit. And, as you can see, your’re in position for a hit to the back of the head. I don’t know, if it’s allowed in the regulations of championships. But, as you know, self defense has no regulation. As shown, we had the straight punch, the roundhouse punch. And you can do the same with all the other pressure point we’ve shown you… For example he want’s to grab my neck,… ….we had it in one of our last videos, tripple warmer 11/12. We can bring him down like this, now our hand is free …. …and bam, now I’m able to go straight on the point. If the arm is in the way, ….doesn’t matter. You know, you can also hit TW 11/12. Now the line is open and I can go in and hit the point easily.. The same thing with the knees. If he grabs me , … …. you should see the video “Knee 2.0”…. Here, I destabilise my opponent… …by this way, you see, he is going down. Now I have also the possibility to hit the wanted area. These are all practicing possibilities for the point GB 20. I hope you can add the point usefully in your practise. I would feel lucky, to get a thumb up of you. And don’t miss to add our chanel for getting the newest videos of us. See you next week. We’re saying bye, Marcus and Robert.

12 thoughts on “KNOCK-OUT-Punkt GB-20 I Kyusho Jitsu I Selbstverteidigung by Blue Dragon

  1. Liber Robert zum Tema Punkte am Kopf. Was könntest Du mir zum Punkt Dreifacher Wärmer Meridian Nr. 17 sagen ?

  2. Hast du schon unseren Kanal kostenlos für weitere Nervenpunkte und Selbstverteidigungs-Tipps abonniert? 🙂

  3. Ich finde es unmoralisch so ein wissen und die damit verbundene "Macht" jedem zur verfügung zu stellen

  4. nur mal so aus Interesse.. habt Ihr schonmal im "echten Leben" bzw einer Verteidgungssituation einen Akkupressurpunkt angreifen müssen?
    und WENN – hat das dann auch tatsächlich mit einem KO funktioniert?:)
    Falls nicht muss das ja nichts heissen – ist besser ja noch ein Zeichen für eure gute Gefahrenvermeidung, würde mich trotzdem interessieren.:)

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