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Master. (Chinese/Cantonese) Your spoken Chinese is very poor. I can’t understand one single word! And it grates on the ears. You are not to speak unless I have taught you how to. Is your spoken Chinese better, or your Cantonese? I “speak Japanese” very well… (Chinese/English) I am not asking about your Japanese, nor Mongolian language. I am asking, can you speak Cantonese? You are here to learn the secrets of Wushu (martial arts), but not language. If you cannot speak Chinese, you would be like a dog that barks around! I will yell at you, order you, and hit you with a stick! Is your master Bill? Yes he is. (English) Your master once said, you have learnt Wushu before. What have you learnt? I am proficient in Tiger-Crane Style. (English) And I am more than proficient in the exquisite art of the Samurai sword. (English) Japanese Kendo (swordsmanship), what a joke this is! Only the Japanese people are stupid enough to learn it. You are even more stupid. How dare you ask me to be your master? It seems that your temper is quite easy to be tamed. Do you know how is my Kung Fu comparing to yours? No. (Chinese) Are you aware I will kill people? Yes. (Cantonese) So do you want to die? No! (Chinese) Idiot. A true idiot. I would love to see how idiotic you are. Rise. Judging by your heavy breath You should be feeling exhausted after climbing the hundred steps. I think you are not only stupid But also weak in physique. True. You can speak Japanese. I hate Japanese the most!

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  1. these CAVE WOLVES go around the world stealing and learning every 1 culture 2 blend in how ever they can. GOT Damn CAVE invaders.

  2. This is so bad, it's ridiculous. This guy is nothing like pai mei, and uma thurman is about as convincing as a rock.

  3. I know a lot of westerners are offended by what this guy is saying but he just sounds like my grandfather so it was just standard protocol

  4. if i passed pai mei walking down the road, and, in a practically unfathomable display of generousity he were to nod at me, i'd nod the fuck back!

  5. For the love of god please make a fucking Kill Bill 3 I've never ever been a fan of Quentin Tarrantino's movies other then Kill Bill & I do like Inglorious Bastards but come on man please make a Kill Bill 3 & do some superhero movies too I think he be great at that both Marvel & DC

  6. You know, every mystical kung fu master in movies is usually wise, chill, and totally at peace with the universe.

    It's nice to see one that's just a, arrogant, spiteful asshole that flaunts his ability over others for fun.
    Really gives this character a stand out performance.

  7. You know, he could've just taught her kung Fu, he didn't have to be a big meanie jerk about everything

  8. "Is there anything you do well?"
    "I can pump you ass full of lead from one mile or one foot while insulting you in every japanese dialect known to mankind. Punk."

  9. WIthout Michael Parks as Esteban Vihaio and Chia-Hui Liu as Pai Mei, there would not be a Kill Bill Vol. 2 movie!!!! Masterpiece interpretations!!!!!

  10. his eyebrows are gargantuan, you know I've always like that word gargantuan, so rarely I have the opportunity to use it

  11. 0:44 – 0:46
    I love the zooming in on his face. It just screams "old, bad asian kung-fu movie"! 🙂

  12. It seems every single East Asian country have some odds against the Nippon, due to its invasive and agressive samurai code-based behavior towards neighboors at WWII.

  13. I remember a co-worker of mine telling me she saw Vol2 without seeing Vol1 at all, with no intentions of seeing it since the flashbacks and Beatrix's narration at the beginning was "just as good as seeing the first one."
    Then she got offended when I "had the AUDACITY" to say that she couldn't possibly be that boring. Lol

  14. I am having a triggered moment here. This is how my bn SGM spoke to me. Even though , at the time I was newly minted 2Lt. (FA 13A). By that I mean I was in that weird grey zone , completed my degree, graduated from ROTC, had my branch assignment, and was waiting for commissioning ceremony. This is how he was to anyone O1-O3. Which was mild compared to how spoke to E5 and E6's fresh out of NCO (10th Mnt. LI) school. He was a decent man though. This was back in 1990's. A Co. /2/14th Inf. 10th Mnt. LI.

  15. This is a Kung Fu Master you do not want to mess with. Even if your a lady, he doesn't give a rats @%& about which person he's killing.😨😨

  16. He never once let her think she was greater than what she could still learn. And the language mindfuck ("you're not as smart as you think") was wisdom. What Pai Mei did here to Beatrix was brilliant.

  17. It's sad how distorted the Chinese became because of the CCP. They all remember the invasion of Japan but forgot the 50 million Chinese civilians killed during Mao's shitty "Great Leap Forrward" that also killed off China's rich culture. They turned a rich country into brainwashed cattle fit for slaughter… Such a shame…

  18. And if you know that he is a real historical character you realise that he’s a few hundred years old in this scene.. which makes it even more epic and mythical

  19. It would be amazing a Pai Mei's movie, and amazing to see that massacre of the shaolin temple, Tarantino should have made a whole movie of Pai Mei, because the Pai Mei of Kill Bill have a lot of years.

  20. Uma Thurman looks unhealthy in Kill Bill 2.
    I don't think it's age but i suspect it's drugs.
    She looks terrific in Vol 1 but absolutely dried up in Vol 2

  21. Tsunade vs this old man. Whos gonna win? Tsunade has the beast strength and can heal herself. Probably she will just summon her giant slug.

  22. I’d be curious to see how Quentin would’ve done here, but it being this actor in particular is very perfect and satisfying considering his role in the original films involving Pai Mei.

  23. I like how he says "Hai." , a word in Japanese right before saying he hates the Japanese the most.

    Every single line from Pai Mei (Bak Mei) was epic.

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