Welcome to my channel, yaaaay! Hi, so Aniq got kids boxing gloves from one of our friends and we are going to open it to see what is inside. Should we try to open it, Aniq? I am going to help you out open this boxing gloves for kids. Alrigh? OK, so I’ve help Aniq and Arham open these boxing gloves for child Open, open, open. Kids boxing gloves! WOW, those are boxing gloves for children Those boxing gloves are awesome. Can we open those to see how these boxing gloves for kids look like? OK, so we are going to put these boxing gloves for kids and see how they look like. I’m going to help you out, Aniq. Those boxing gloves look so cool. We have one pair of kids boxing gloves for Aniq and one pair of children boxing gloves for Arham. Those kids boxing gloves looks so awesome. Very high quality boxing gloves as you can see in this kids video OK, so we have put those kids boxing gloves on and those look so awesome! Fit very well as you can tell Arham is four years old and Aniq is five years old and these kids boxing gloves fit very well in both of their hands Looks so cool Do you wanna do you wanna see how did they look like when you fight you wanna You want to punch each other with those kids punching gloves? Be careful guys! Awesome kids training gloves Kids punching each others Arham, you want to punch him as well Kids punching each others It is OK It is Okay, it is okay You have to be careful. Alright, OK? You can’t do it you can’t beat him like that You got nice kids boxing gloves that doesn’t mean you can beat him like that. All right Can I take a closer look at your children kickboxing gloves? Awesome very smooth finish as you can tell. Those kids training gloves look awesome Oh, don’t kick me with those awesome kids punching bag with gloves. Don’t kick me, Aniq. Wow, let’s see, can you show it like this? Let’s see what it is a boxing gloves for kids Nice fighting gloves How cool is that fighting gloves review? Alright so you can buy these the boxing gloves on Amazon and we are going to leave a link In the description below. Don’t forget to get a pair of these boxing gloves. These are awesome Yes, Aniq? Very cool boxing gloves for kids Alright, bye for now and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

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