Kidney Clense

So next one it’s called Kidney Cleanse Start with your feet together, close together. Bring one knee up across the midline And then swing it out to the side, not too far out, with a plant to heel. And then your hands go out And let your hands, let your hands guide the motion So you’re gonna go in a big circle with your hands Swing out to the front Then come all the way back and then the hands are — it’s almost as if the hands are dragging you forward Pulling you back And as you go forward you exhale And as you come back you inhale The visualization on this is to imagine a large wave of water coming over you and then rushing up Cleansing the kidney To activate the Kidney Meridian Reach back pull your toes up towards you And then front foot So you feel a little bit of a stretch on the back of your shin, on the back of your calf And you reach However many you want to do 3, 9, 27, whatever And you swing back To the start position Repeat … on the opposite side Try to keep good posture; stomach tight, chest up, head tall … the whole time So you keep your chin back Even when your body’s going forward. This will help strengthen postural muscles, front muscles And now Swing back, cross the midline, and back to the start position

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