Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults

(slow hip hop music) – I’m Kai Davis, I’m 12 years old and I’ve been playing
basketball since I was six. My best qualities are
probably my play-making, my defense, and my ball handling. The most points I think I
scored in a game was 40. – I am actually pretty nervous. I have not been athletic
for the past five years. – I played in high school. I used to play once a week. It’s obviously been a couple months. – An average person shooting around. If it was my lucky day or something but I’ll try my best. – I don’t know if they stand
a chance or not but we’ll see. (dramatic hip hop music) – I know a lot of dribble moves, a simple crossover, between
the legs, behind the back. You do it all in one motion now, so… Like that. – Okay, I’ll see if I
can get any of those. – Oh my god. – Ah, I can’t. – Being quicker, right? – That’s gonna be a little hard. (buzzer beeps) (buzzer beeps) – Oh.
(buzzer beeps) I’m out! – [Man] Freestyle it. (funky techno music) – Uh, I don’t know. I did so many, I can’t even count. (upbeat guitar music) I think I could get eight to 10. – Maybe we should distract
him a little bit more. – Here we go.
– Yeah. – That’s better than half the pro players in the league at 80%. I’m gonna try to see if
I can go shot for shot and hopefully not get schooled too badly. You know, the first two that
weren’t on camera I made. – [Kai] Nice shot. – There we go, five for 10. So that is terrible. Let’s hope that was my
worst part not my best part. – I am better at shooting, so
I hope it will be good today. – [Zach] She’s already
off to a better start. (soft upbeat music) – Three out of 10, oh my gosh! I don’t know, it just feels intimidating with like this guy right here. – In high school, I wasn’t
too good at free throws, but I’ll see what I can do today. Five out of 10, that’s pretty bad. But I’ll see what I can
do in the actual game. (upbeat techno music) – I’m pretty confident that I’ll win but like they can score, so I gotta play good defense as well. – If I manage to steal a ball from him, just at least once, I’m
very proud of myself. I need to be lower. Ah! – If I get a point I’ll be happy. If I get two, I’ll get ecstatic. And that happens. – Just let me win! – That’s one. – I’m tired! Oh shit. – Good game.
– No. I’m– – [Zach] My only move. (laughs) I go high, he goes low. – Yeah.
– Nice playing man. (upbeat techno music) – Woo! He obviously has way better
handling, and shooting, and better cardio as you can tell. – This was pretty fun
going against them all, meeting new people. – On a scale of one to 10,
how challenging was it? – [Kai] Two. (laughs) – That’s what I figured. – This sums up that size doesn’t matter. In the court, it’s all about your heart.

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