Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Side Push Kick in Kickboxing

Hi, my name is Katie Bowers with Expert Village
and today we are doing some Kick Boxing moves. So what I am going to show you now is a side
push kick. How we go into a side push kick is I am actually going to prep with my arms
across my body. You are going to make a little “W” as I place the arms across and my back
arm is going to go behind my hip. So I have got my left arm that is going to go behind
my hip and as I am going to kick I am pushing an imaginary door through. So I prep, kick
that door through. And each time I kick you are going to feel this big time in your abs
because I have got those arms crossed behind so this is a total oblique workout for sure.
Kick that door then pull it right back in. Now I am going to prep to get that kick and
this is how you would get into it. Prep and kick. Prep and kick. Now typically if you
are not use to doing side push kicks you do not want to go any higher than hip level so
you try to keep it at hip level or below. And then eventually when you get more comfortable
you can get that leg really high. So start prepping it nice and easy, nice and slow.
And do not forget your arm placement that is going to be very very key. You will see
why, why we put the arms across the body and bring that elbow behind the hip.

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  1. Wow, how have you not hurt yourself yet? Your chambers and re-chambers were bad, and you forgot to re-chamber a lot of the time.

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