Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Back Push Kick in Kickboxing

Hi, I am Katie Bowers with Expert Village
and we are doing some Kick Boxing moves. This next one I am going to show you is the back
push kick. Now if you just saw the one before, the side push kick, you will see what I meant
before by putting your arms across your body and why that is so important and so key. Because
when I kick back I am not directly kicking behind me I am really doing a side push kick
which is going to basically pivot to the diagonal. So that is really all your back push kick
is: the side push kick shifted. So when I prep to do a back push kick, and I am going
to do a march in between, is look over that shoulder. There may not be multiple people,
most of us will just being doing this by ourselves in our home, but still you do not want to
knock over a lamp or something so watch where you are kicking that foot and when I march
in between then on the other leg. You can feel this right away in your abs, this is
already killing me. And we can do this and combine them with another punch or another
kick. That is totally up to you but you can pretty much do these as a good central kick
pose or kick punch. So these are basically the good types of transitional kick boxing
moves that you can do. A march a side push kick, or a march back push kick or march front
punch kick. But that march will enable you to kind of go and transition into each one.

7 thoughts on “Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Back Push Kick in Kickboxing

  1. ROFL…she even does this stepping-thing between the kicks. Kick-1-2-3-Kick….
    Next on expert village: Tae Bo for bar brawls 😀

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