Kickboxing Combo of the Week: Hook, Kick + Bonus Kickboxing Combination

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this combo is a very simple one but it teaches you again not all homes are
meant to be necessarily going to be doing in a fight but to teach you some
basic methods and basic skills and mechanics this one can be used in a play
but it’s also created especially for beginners so we’re going to use I’m
going to throw a left hook come back I find this one looks really welcome to
using to teaches them to get back to a good stance a lot of people feel that a
book or whatever their combination that this the little ticket they think
they’re gonna they just kind of stop and put their foot back down or they bring
it foot about to buy or whatever they’re not in a good position to punch again so
by making sure they happen to another punch at the end of this the chief some
good stance and good for work at the end of the combination so or it started
another kick I’m going to drop my fuel to the ground
as my double spin so just that last little couple inches that’s we’re gonna
get a host of my power it’s still gonna work but a lot of people when they’re
getting ready for the fights are competition they’re used to this
blocking blocking blocking they eat the little chick and then they come right
back to punches they started going right back it’s almost like a cube for them to
start attacking I can stop him from getting into that mindset but it’s my
turn by throwing one more punch other was to give a little bit off balance a
little bit on out of sorts that may be enough just to stop him from coming back
on you right away so again it’s left hook kick here we’re gonna do another
combination I’m gonna put them together so if I’m cheered ever to go Red Cross shit my weeks my right and push off my
left leg again when doing the kicks I’m not stepping and lifting I’m pushing off
and going through my target my goal with this is to get him off balance Casey has
a take guard don’t throw miss pross I’m not gonna lie to my next Cross if I step
off you get a little bit off balance now I control my cross too or maybe an
uppercut or whatever it to appropriate I need you say so okay I’m gonna go right
cross step off to the right by pushing off of left leg kick that leg come right
back down Jenna won’t transfer my weight to my
right side down all my weight shifting over my shoe comes up the ground
around my charming okay so right Frost once you get these two combinations
going you can put them together it’s ready to go hook okay faster now please that’s a vegetable combination Tebow’s
to do individual put them together you know combination which is what Clarence
a punching

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