Guapísimas Hello! How are you? Welcome to a new exercise routine Today we have a cardio kickboxing more than 30 minutes It is a little more intense cardio than previous with the slightly faster music but no problem if we do not catch all steps the important thing is that you move and you enjoy it and you work the whole body to the rhythm of music so we go for it focus on Exercise Stay here with me and … to move the skeleton we go it left opens a little legs we will do some arm circles back complete and alante Cross over and forth behind behind behind and stand on guard balancing on each side rotates the knee accompanies knee body come’re heating Okay, dodging down elusive very well As far as you can down well, stay Stay here squats let’s also moving the lower body here squats knee look hard stay, knee, stay changes, changes very well knee, changes there last 8 tour comes the trunk side by side guard direct elusive direct 4 and 4 more DIRECT elusive direct we go for the first combo so stay aside we will always work both sides Come and live crosses 8 more dale speed the rhythm well, that attitude clenches his fist and close it hard look cambialo upper hook upper hook goes up crosses goes up crosses quick here too that arms control so I’ll put it all together, direct look you got it very well Look, come with me back here ahead follow, follow look what happens when I go back kick open … I open kick I open kick throwing arm back look look knee knee watch out follow, follow Put it all together direct kick back knees all behind knee knee repeat behind behind follow, follow you got it behind above stay then the other side but first let’s get some work done here also with legs very well stay March and now, let’s open from one side to the other We’re going up, look up but you want to jump, stay here You can climb up, look jumping-jack look down but you want to jump, you know nonbreaking jumps follow look down arms stretching loose Enjoy goes up look kick come, the important thing is to move Instead, kick with style very well change Stay and principle let’s unite really now very easy modify your last step jumping look kick to the other side come on come on you got it Do not worry if you’re not getting to the first You can repeat it let the other side remember direct the same with the other side force we go remember that now climbed speed masters we go direct Upper and closes above closes above closes above hook upper Quick we go the same work on one side and on the other Put it all together do not stop stay recalls the kick back come on two here and we add the potato let’s move on look Remember, both knees come two more follow, follow have two and together direct hook kick back knees kick back two more we go we go follow, follow behind last kick very well you got it first combo got very well shuffle a little more perfect very well prepared for the second combo we position ourselves marching and double uppercut first arm left behind above above above Look, the same thing but fast there with energy turns back leg when climbing broken look hook direct hook direct hook direct hook 4 more and the same, up speed Now, what will? juntalo We continue with the work of arms and waist follow, follow We do not stop well, we go with the second part knee I touched I touched I touched knee I touched I touched I touched knee I touched I touched I touched look if you want a little more intensity jumps follow above it will bring them together, watch goes up knee well, get ready knee down very well knee follows two knee phenomenal very well then we’ll do it the other way, remember Marchin On come on intermediate stage of the second combo double opens, looking with guard Always guard we are in kickboxing looks up the knee as direct, contrary very well hard This is easy come jumps well, again relaxes the same if at first you have not caught remember that now we will raise one knee very well two more knee opposite direction and now if you want, up intensity above you got it jumps over 4 more let’s move on good girls prepared for the other side remember Go up up upper goes up we go with the second combo we already have remember turning the body Quick Concentrate on the move tightens the abdomen OK hook direct hook direct hold steady breathing, remember very well Quick hook!! Put it all and not pairs Energy we go tightens the abdomen very well four and four knee but you want to jump, stay here all the time If you want more intensity come with me goes up goes up goes up four come, combine it all last preparations above knee low low low direct let’s move on knee follow you got it good girls We do not stop and we will prepare the combo 3 When When This was already true control of course speed dale, dale, dale very well be aware because this changes, look knee knee knee knee knee knee very well we go Look, cambialo knee kick follow stay as before easy arms on guard and prepares direct back four direct 4 more look dodge, dodge follow until you have two more stay let’s put it all together direct, straight jump knee kick let’s go girls jumps knee direct ago elusive again a little more complicated to coordinate all these movements but not impossible we go elusive very well and do so do not stop Yes now Stay here stay, stay squats direct up and down Keep your guard, protect here we are look at the arm, the arm look single arm look look three will kick back kick we go the core work rotation arm very well we go change let’s change and we will do the same on the other side ready direct up and down goes up how are we doing? this routine we have to repeat more times, right? of course only arms Give back backward well, looks 3 kick kick kick kick easy very well stay, kick look on one side and the other very well Marchin On and we prepare ourselves to the other side then make the combo three Go up up remember how we started with direct let’s move on look 4 more speed increases direct only 4 more waist tour waist work in this combo two recalls look adds knees knee we go follow remember that changes the knee kick follow, follow Stay here all the time still no change well, stay, stay second part still recalls 4 Basic follow and now that? dodge come with me elusive follow You do not have to be perfect there has to be movement It is, is remember, live, live, jump kick And come back you got it? a finger upwards let’s move on knee and then back elusive let’s move on jump behind elusive we go above and we go, the last knee perfect We will prepare for fourth combo and just routine direct your side vamonos Left just there all the time we go look, turns give me three stay I remain I remain I remain look look kick kick follow, follow you got it Stay ahead looks knees we go energy that is the last Put it all together let’s move on one more do not stop and the last one kick it across direct We work the other side back and forward very well this time we do the work followed Do three and stay stay stay adds kick kick Okay, knees forward come with me very good follow juntalo follow follow, follow well, the last, the last above forward and knees, stay here that energy comes that is written it just kicked the sides only the sides it now we’ll do it on one side and the other continued Left, direct change it above change it kick changes, changes knee stay tips follow follow, follow let’s do it again and we have Notice how the music goes … above Note energy the force change it kick come two more and knee finish it very well we have it that good low, low Marchin On we go down the beats on going that good this music sways beats down very well phenomenal let’s relax a little, stretch the muscles that have worked on one side and the other breathe lengthens aside and up well, flexes the elbow and take it to the waist feeling the stretch in the shoulder again, we moved across Turning the trunk Note stretching on the back and on the inside of the legs and flexes the elbow While opening the breastplate behind very well Stay here ahead let it fall round up and flexes up, up, up turning shoulders very well takes air and loose we catch air air gets up and stretching up takes air stretches forward well, we catch air and pectoral stretches Okay, turns to one side and the psoas stretch down the leg Hold the stretch well, back the entire back of the leg very well again takes air pectoral stretches behind rotates to the other side and stretches the hip flexors, psoas very well behind back leg stretches back here stretching back forward Note the stretch in the back knees flexed and rises slowly very well recoje and switch legs perfect thank you gorgeous good How about this routine kick boxing? I really enjoyed it I left wanting more If you also remember that in the channel you have to repeat it as often as you If you have liked to give you like and remember to subscribe to the channel if you want to keep training with me Thank you for being there and see you at the next routine

100 thoughts on “KICK BOXING – 40 MINUTOS 🥊

  1. No me gustan las combinaciones rapidas..siento que pierdo mas tiempo en entender los movimientos que siguen y pierdo tecnica y hago menos ejercicios..😔

  2. Hoola hermosa !!! Mari , me encantan todas tus rutinas porque vas de menor a mayor , he ido al gimnasio durante mucho tiempo , y eso siempre pasa que van muy acelerados todos , los instructores que nunca te esperan si eres principiantes , y si tienes algunos problemas como yo de fibriomalgia , que debo pasar asi de lento a intenso, un precalentamiento ; eso jamas ocurre en estos gimnasios , y he visto como mucha gente se va por lo mismo , y solo quedan las de siempre , que ya tienen condicion , son jovenes , o ya llevan años , en cambio aca no salto mucho ( por mis rodillas ) y de todas maneras alcanzo mis objetivos, te felicito eres la primera que veo, que va de menos a mas , y eso esta bien para todos , asi que !Adios! Gimanasio me quedo en casa contigo !!! Desde Mexico te envio muchos saludos !!!!!

  3. buenisima me confundi en la ultima parte y la repetí pero aun asi no le agarre el ritmo, bueno la seguire intentando,mil gracias

  4. Seguro que es muy buena pero muy perdida y descoordinada, tal vez algún día coordine la rutina 😂

  5. haces que el ejercicio sea entretenido y divertido <3 hice toda la rutina sin darme cuenta jajaja …. eres la mejor

  6. Uff, menuda rutina, estaba perdida como un pato mareado pero no he dejado de moverme 😌. A ver si en otras ocasiones me va saliendo mejor. Gracias, nos animas mucho.

  7. Me encanto la rutina la disfrute muchisimo.💪✌👍👌👏👏👏👏.
    Gracias maria .
    Soy mony de argentina 😗😘😍😚😙😉😀

  8. Quiero más videos de King boxing UvU los haz hecho ya me los vi todos aunque soy principiante es lo que más me emociona

    Porfa haz más y fuertes como este xD

  9. Excelente! Gracias por pensar en aquellos que son principiantes y que cuando intentan empezar lo dejan porque quienes guían este tipo de videos no les dan opciones para no exigirse de más y se lastiman.

  10. Excellent routine! More like this pleeaaassee! 2nd time doing this routine and I was definitely better at keeping up with the steps. Muchas gracias Maria! 👏👏👏

  11. Yeah!!!
    Me ha hecho sudar bastante… Me ha gustado mucho..
    Aunque tendré que repetirla, para mejorarlo..💚💛

  12. Hola amiga buenísima pero que rutina me fascinó termine bien sudada gracias 😊 x tu tiempo Dios te Bendiga saludos besos 😘👍💪🏼🙋🏻❤️

  13. Esta muy bonita esta rutina. Me costo un poquito cordinar con mis manos pero hay la llevo poco a poco saluditos maria🤗🤗🤗🌺🌺🌺✌✌✌

  14. Excelentes rutinas. Llevó 2 semanas haciéndolas a diario y me siento fenomenal. Le agradezco a Dios haberte encontrado. 🙏🏻💫💪🏻👊🏻

  15. Hola! desde que te encontré voy tratando de hacer cada una de tus rutinas, unas me acomodan más que otras, pero ésta por ejemplo me gustó mucho! Solo dos preguntas es verdad que cuando haces rutinas pesadas debes descansar al día siguiente? Es verdad que es mejor hacer ejercicio de tarde? Gracias y espero tu respuesta, la verdad a mi me gusta hacer los ejercicios de mañana, saludos y buen dia🙏🌹😊💪

  16. ¡¡Bien!!, con mucha energía para empezar el fin de semana, buenísima rutina, ya no me pierdo casi nada 💪💪😂😂🌸🌸

  17. Uf termine bien 😅sudada y con muchas energías excelente rutina gracias Guapa por inyectar energías 💪🏼👍👏😘😘😘

  18. Me encantó sude muchísimo eres genial , he bajado ya un poco y lo hago tres veces por semana , tendrás algún plan de alimentación !!!!! Que puedo tomar antes de hacer tus rutinas lo hago en las mañanas!! Tkm

  19. Hola, me encantó esta rutina y me ayudó muchísimo. Tengo 37 años y comencé a practicar Taekwondo por mis hijos que también practican junto a un grupo de mamás. Seguro se las comparto para que la hagan. Saludos desde Oaxaca, México.

  20. Me encantan tus rutinas de kickboxing y cardio box para mi las mas efectivas. Sudo montones. Gracias 😊

  21. Hola guapísima, mañana día 31 de julio 2019 acaba el calendario,, qe ha estado estupendo👌❤️María cuando subes el de agosto,, osea, el día 31 o el día 1 de agosto. Te agradecería respuesta,, gracias guapa💋

  22. Me encanta esta rutina!! es de mis favoritas, Maria, a ver si nos regalas más de kick boxing que son geniales!!

  23. Díganme qué no fui la única que parecía muñequitos de pelea solo dando manotazos (un juego en México) sudando mucho.🤪

  24. Me ha encantado. En mi vida había hecho una rutina así y me he quedado con ganas de más, eres una crack, como motivas !!!

  25. Uuuuf si que se me complico un poco… Pero quedó hecha esta parte… Oooooooowww del último día del mes👌🎵❤️🎶😁

  26. Gracias Maria. Excelente me costo um poco de trabajo de coordinacion el ultimo bloque. Pero me gusto mucho. Para la proxima me cuesta menos.

  27. Ufff, me cuesta coger esos paso de kickboxing, madre mia!! Lo intentaré otro día que esté más coordinada, jejejjeje

  28. Hola María me encantan tus rutinas…y me encanta mas cuando das las opciones para aquellas personas como yo que tienen prohibido saltar o que les duelen llevo 2 meses siguiendote y me encantan tus rutinas…muy buenas y divertidas…

    Ya tienes una suscriptora mas 😉
    Gracias y bendiciones para ti y toda tu familia…

  29. buenas! nunca hice kick boxing, asi que hoy empecé con este vídeo…. soy un desastre! pero voy a seguir intentándolo, ya voy a coordinar…. o eso espero! igual lo hago como puedo y me rìo de mi misma… Gracias Marìa !

  30. Increíble! Me encantó! No sentí cuando ya habían asado 35 minutos, gracias por tus maravillosos vídeos María, los hago todos los días ❤❤❤ y valla que me haces transpirar, saludos desde chile 🇨🇱.

  31. Que bárbaro si se queda en no con ganas de más, me gusta mucho vamos con todo, muchas gracias 😘

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