100 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar, SZA – All The Stars

  1. Something about this song gives me nostalgia,takes me back to when i was younger and much happier,thank you for this kendrick and SZA!

  2. I remember playing this song over and over again for 30mins. That was two years ago. Wow!!! Time flies when you are having fun.

  3. Nothing for a year now, Kendricks just seeing who his real fans are so he knows when he comes back the people that waited a year to listen

  4. This was my sisters favorite song when she was in the hospital. It’s a sad song for me but it’s a happy song for her 🙂

  5. Queation who is timmy
    let me want u gonna do timmy
    confrontation aint nothing new timmy
    u can bring a bullet bring a sword.bring a morgue but u cant bring the true timmy

  6. Now I was wondering what this song was called for like a year
    But for some reason it sounds like Ana Fásta (Irish people get me)

  7. I think am starting to get tired listening to his old songs i need something new and i think this is a good time…

  8. ‪Tell me what you gon' do to me‬
    ‪Confrontation ain't nothin' new to me‬
    ‪You can bring a bullet, bring a sword, bring a morgue‬
    ‪But you can't bring the truth to me‬
    ‪Fuck you and all your expectations‬
    ‪I don't even want your congratulations‬
    ‪I recognize your false confidence‬
    ‪And calculated promises all in your conversation‬
    ‪I hate people that feel entitled‬
    ‪Look at me crazy 'cause I ain't invite you‬
    ‪Oh, you important?‬
    ‪You the moral to the story? You endorsin'?‬
    ‪Mothafucka, I don't even like you‬
    ‪Corrupt a man's heart with a gift‬
    ‪That's how you find out who you dealin' with‬
    ‪A small percentage who I'm buildin' with‬
    ‪I want the credit if I'm losin' or I'm winnin'‬
    ‪On my momma, that's the realest shit‬

    教えてくれ 俺に何をしようというんだ‬
    ‪クソくらえ お前も お前の期待も全部‬
    ‪気づいてるんだ お前の偽りの自信‬
    ‪大嫌いだ 特権意識を持ったヤツら‬
    ‪クソったれ お前のことは嫌いだ‬
    ‪贈り物で人の心を腐らせるんだ ‬
    ‪本当だ これがリアル‬

  9. 3:30 I always get chills no matter how many times I watch this. I even cry a little. It makes me feel like Ive forgotten something but I dont know what…

  10. What a beautiful concept and the message is on point and the african art is on point too. Wow it just took me to the next level of understanding. Wow

  11. Walking with the panters was a real iconic scene. But also he could have chosen to walk with lions or any other animal but the panthers he walked with was amazing all in its own. Something unique great form of work. And alot of exact scenery, and to tell an amazing story with in his music was amazing

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