KENDO【ŌJI WAZA】Furukawa Kazuo 8th dan Hanshi ⎪剣道 【面・小手・突き技】古川和男範士の剣道授業【面・小手・突き技】足で攻めて腰で打つ

Strike debana where
your opponent is coming Suriage where your
opponent’s spirit is moving next I will be doing some oji waza techniques Against kote
and against men Starting with
kote suriage men kote kaeshi men
kote nuki men First these three And against men techniques Debana men, debana kote,
nuki do and kaeshi do I will be doing
these main techniques Regarding these oji waza techniques, If you do suriage after your opponent started his movement for kote, if you are doing that,
you will be too late Do suriage where
your opponent tries to move The same goes against a men strike. Don’t go for debana after your opponent
is moving to your direction. Strike the debana when your opponent
is starting the movement The same goes with nuki do
or kaeshi do In this case,
instead of waiting for your opponent Initiate and invite the opponent out
and do, nuki or kaeshi There are a lot of such elements. Make sure you are thinking about these things
when you are practicing Let’s start with
kote kuriage men Like this, do the suriage at the moment
your opponent wants to go Next is kaeshi
With kaeshi, you can invite and strike, Or keep your position.
Both ways are fine Then next Ai kote men
Excuse me. Nuki men This can be pulled away
upwards or downwards Next is, ai kote men These are just the main
techniques against kote. Next, Against men
We will do debana men, debana kote,
nuki do and kaeshi do Not yet! This is also possible from the back (ura) Next is deban kote This was from above
Next we invite the opponent and strike from below Like this, you can strike
from above or from below Next is nuki do Since I am doing this as an example I am trying not to
release my hand too much but It is very difficult to perform Please experiment with this to
improve this technique

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