100 thoughts on “Kata Training – Bill Conti – The Karate Kid, part III

  1. This scene is absolutely amazing. The healing of the tree symbolizes the healing of Daniels mind and the relationship between him and myagi. Makes me tear up

  2. Of course I love Daniel and this beach scene is awesome. Even tho Mike Barnes is a bully, and that's not cool, he still looks pretty dynamic while training!

  3. I agree, I like this one way more than # 2. I think this beach training scene with this music is inspirational, the ocean splashed up at just the right time to the music. This scene is what prompted me to buy this movie & I wasn't at all disappointed with it, love this scene and love this movie, it's one of my favorites!!

  4. I believe the training scene represent not only master student moment but also a friends moment plus the music is abosolutly gorgeous!

  5. I am kind of surprised that even tho Sean Kanan ( Mike Barnes) seems in pretty good shape, his arms aren't very muscular, any one else notice this besides me?

  6. u can tell that Ralph had put on a few pounds around his tummy, I wonder how they kept the seagulls from bugging them while filming, just curious! lol

  7. Waves have always amazed me just watching them come rolling in over and over, that day of filming the water was exceptionally nice as it was quite sparkly. I just wondered what kept the seagulls off of them! lol

  8. I love the beach training scene, have always like watching waves coming in. The day they filmed that scene the ocean seemed causally sparkly, very nice with the water & music!

  9. I loved the scene by the ocean, it was usually pretty at that time, very sparkly, course watching Mike Barnes train was very exciting….wink…wink!

  10. What wouldve been cooler was having sweat stains on mikes red shirt at 0:48–0:50, and his breathing deeply and landing the punches slower from exhaustion as hes striking the bag to show that he's working hard. Picture that part with all that, including the side of his face shining with sweat. And instead have Terry Silver holding a stopwatch.

  11. Love the beach training scene, course the smog down in southern Cali sucks but the ocean seemed usually sparkly, very pretty during filming and sexy Mike Barnes training was nice to look at as well!

  12. This movie would have been badass if it wasn't some lame tournament ending. Should have been a bit more grown up with Mike and Daniel in a bloody street fight. Almost like part 2. The movie was good for me until the tournament. Daniel never laid a single hand on him until the freaking overtime. haha Besides if Daniel was supposed to be in college in this movie, how is he UNDER 18 to compete in tournament? Also, if he is 18, why doesn't Silva just kick the crap out of Daniel himself?

  13. I feel as if this movie is very underrated. While the Karate Kid Part II is a good movie, I feel like this movie is the TRUE sequel to Karate Kid.

  14. I would rather train with the Cobra Kai. Punching bags and sparing seems way more useful than slow-motion kata on a beach.

  15. The scenes when they train everytime are like the scenes with rocky when he trains slfor a match always the vocal point in the movie.i miss when movies had that vibe to them

  16. "Kata is useless in a tournament."

    Daniel finally uses Kata and eliminates Mike.

    "Oh," says Terry as trash Cobra Kai tees shower him and that old loser, Kreese. When done right, Grace, balance and gentleness will always overcome aggression, hatred and cockiness.

  17. Idk why this one is so hated, I thought this one was better than all of them, the only thing I didn’t like about this one or all of them for that matter is how he never improves over all 3 movies, and I didn’t like the final fight that much either

  18. First, teacher to student. Then, father to son. This time, man to man.

    Do not be surprised if Robby faces the same situation under Daniel's training.

  19. At 1:09 is incredible camerawork as the Rejuvenated Bonsai tree appears in the foreground. Best part of this movie.

  20. I truly respect Sean Kanan's karate skills in this movie, he was "just" a green belt while filming it. Got seriously injured with internal bleeding doing the takes of him sent Through Cobra Kai's door by Miyagi, underwent surgery during Xmas break and made it on time to end the filming. Although as a KK fan I watched this movie a thousand times it was disappointing after the first two. Let's be serious: nobody can be scared of a Tournament match after a life/death fight. This is why I dig the theory KKIII should have been the second installment of the franchise and KKII the third. It would have made much more sense this way. Ciao!

  21. They need to have a montage like this in Cobra Kai.

    Daniel training his students at Miyagi Do while Johnny trains his at Cobra Kai.

  22. I’m still trying to figure out how he could lose or struggle in Karate Kid III after Karate Kid II, dude he beat was real !

  23. Mr Miyagi was a fantastic and forgiving sensei. It's a shame that Pat Morita is dead. He would've been amazing in the new Cobra Kai series

  24. its curious the ways of trainning, larusso train his mind and body to take out his best version of himself by the way of the kata but mike trains just the body showing that he just focus the agression and power of his karate but without a calm mind

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