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Greetings, Princess! Greetings, Princess! Princess! Greetings, Sir! Manavi! Where is she? Little princess! Wow! My daughter! Princess! Princess of this palace! Greetings! Bless you! Manavi. How does the Princess find her
dance class? It is going alright, father. Radheshyam! Yes, my Lord! Bring it to me! Sit. This is for you. Brought specially from Spain. There are only two such necklaces
One with the Queen of Spain and now the other with you My daughter the Princess should own
the world’s most precious jewellery My father, grand father never let
their daughters want for anything Their blood flows in my veins Nurse! Greetings! Offer this to the Princess Why? Don’t you like it? No, It is okay, Father The world’s most expensive necklace
brings no happiness to my daughter! Princess! Are you well? Father, I am well
Please don’t call the doctor Hey! Princess. In our family and tradition….. …..younger people don’t question
the decisions made by elders. Hello! Doctor! Everything is normal There’s nothing wrong with you Father worries needlessly There is nothing wrong with me Princess, it’s time for your lessons. Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare delved into the depths
of love to write this play. Tragic love stories are
Shakespeare’s specialty. Be it Macbeth, Othello,
or Romeo & Juliet The fictitious characters from this play
have become synonymous with love. People madly in love are still
called ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Lovers consider love as God’s blessing Therefore, even emperors have
abdicated their empires for love. A lover can renounce the world
for the sake of his love he can forget himself. Love has the power to help a man
fight the world, to win the world. Greetings, Sir! Doctor! The Princess is unwell What treatment did you give her? If people learn that Uday Shamsher’s
daughter is sick, what’ll they say? There is nothing wrong
with the Princess But, Doctor — I see that the Princess is upset
since the last few days I think the Princess is tired of
living in the confines of the palace Please send her somewhere new You are right I’ll arrange to send her to Europe
for a few days Nurse! Yes, Princess? I don’t want to go to Europe But his Lordship has ordered Shouldn’t he have asked me first? In the tradition of your family,
elders don’t consult the young I don’t like any of this Will I ever get to live even a
moment by my own free will? I have never even had the
option of choosing my own toys When you are born into an
aristocratic family, you have to … … learn to suppress your desires
to better serve your family’s honour That is all I have ever learned… I ask my heart to stifle its desires… but the heart is deceitful,
it forgets its way… If I had been born a pauper I could’ve fulfilled more of my desires No matter if you are born into nobility
or into the home of a peasant if you are a daughter, you are
merely a caged bird the only difference is that some cages
are made of iron, and some of gold But, Nurse… A cage is always a cage be it of gold, or of iron… What does the bird in a gilded cage
understand of the value of gold? All it yearns for is to fly free to be happy in the open skies The Princess is coming to Manchester
on the Jet Airways flight Flight 0034 Don’t be stingy about giving her
the best hospitality I don’t want to hear her complain Princess! The dust will touch you Driver! But, Father They are all outside… We are different from them We ruled over them for 104 years What is this! Binod Chaudhary! Rajendra Khetan! Diwakar Golchha! Min Bahadur Gurung! What is this? What is this? The sons of common folks are the
cover story on Business News If this keeps up, our ancestors
will be confined to pages of history There was a time when the country’s
economy followed our footsteps The market was our puppet We had a vast empire here But we are being slowly displaced
from the top ten rankings If this keeps us, Jay, we’ll be forced
to watch as our empire disintegrates You’re right But not all is lost yet If Uday Shamsher and Jay Singh’s
business houses become one… …our influence can continue No body will be able to move ahead
of us for another fifty years to come How? If we forge a familial alliance… The sole heir to my property is
my son Siddarth And the sole heir to my property
is my daughter Manavi If they enter a union… Two very experienced stalwarts
will support them from the wings… Thanks, Uncle! For thinking me worthy of Manavi I will give her all the
happiness in the world! I trust you will! Cheers! I will prepare for the engagement
once Manavi returns from Europe Father! What are you saying? What don’t you understand about it? Father– Before deciding about my marriage,
you should have… you should have… Princess! We have no tradition of asking– –a daughter her opinion, before
deciding about her marriage How can I marry someone I have
never seen or known? I know him well! I met him in Baltimore first We were on the same flight from
Baltimore to Cape Town He is energetic, Princess! He can give his life to defend
the honour of his family No other man but he is worthy of
being Uday Shamsher’s son-in-law Princess! The day after tomorrow is
auspicious for your engagement Princess– he will give you all the
comfort in the whole world It is not comfort I desire, Father I want happiness! Well, Congratulations! Thank you very much She is my fiancé, Manavi Namaste! Please enjoy the party! Sure, thank you! Hi! Excuse me! Your shoes are dusty And your tie is crooked Take it This jacket too isn’t mine Whose is it then? Actually, I was working as the
dress man for a movie The producer wouldn’t pay me So I took the actors’ wardrobe
and ran away.. How did you get here? To be frank, I was very hungry I saw a party, came inside Didn’t you have an invitation? No! Without invitation? So what? Didn’t the guards stop you? If only I’d come through the gate… You didn’t come through the gate? No! Then, where did you come from? You want to see?
Sure? Yes! Come! And this plate? I am full… you can leave it there Come! I came from here Wow! How will you go? Can you go? Easily! How? Do you want to see? ok Wait and watch! Be careful! Listen! I want to come, too Coming? Slowly!
Throw your shoes down Step lightly Like steps Step there… there Give me your hand and jump! Where is your home? Hey– you were being formal
Now you’re being chummy… Are friends ever formal? Friends? We were strangers till a moment ago Now we know each other Tell me–where do you live? My home is… far from here Want to go? Yes Okay Let’s go! This is my sweet home Wow! Come in! Give me your hand This is my home How is it? You can see the sky from your home it’s good If it weren’t cloudy,
we could see the stars Actually, when I couldn’t pay rent
the landlord kicked me out I’ve been living here since He did you a favour why? Otherwise I’d have missed this place Really? Oh shit! Your moon roof is letting the rain in! I’ll kill that landlord Don’t worry
The rains will go away soon Lets go under the truck Quick!
Please! Come quickly! You’ll get pneumonia if you
stand in the rain If I get pneumonia I
can take medicines By the way–can I ask you something? What? What was the party for? So you went in without knowing
what the party was for? A hungry man only sees the food
not the cook, understand? It was an engagement party Engagement party? Whose? Mine! Oh. Shit! I stole the bride from an
engagement party! Come, I’ll take you back No Why? If you take me back, my Father will… Your father will do what? How would I know? He shoots first, asks questions later But, if you insist, let’s go back… In that case, it is okay We’ll wait for the rain to stop
Then you can go on your own Good boy! What’ll they do when they realize
you aren’t at the party? If people find out that Manavi
disappeared from the ceremony We will be dishonored, Uday! Did somebody kidnap her? Nobody dares look at Uday Shamsher’s
daughter with bad intentions Uncle! Should we inform the police? Hey! To take secrets from Uday Shamsher’s
home to the world outside is like… selling his family’s honour and traditions I understand you, Uncle Manavi is my responsibility and the honour of my family I’ll risk my life to save my
family’s honour Trust me, Uncle I will bring Manavi back anyhow What is that? That is panipuri How does it taste?
I’ve never tasted it You want to eat it?
Sure? You want to learn? One more time! Good! You have panipuri? Yes Good… give us some Do you want more? no enough? She says enough How much was that? Fifty rupees Fifty rupees? Brother, I don’t have any money No problem. You can pay later Here’s my number…
Call me when you have money I will Ok Sir
I’ll get going Thank you Brother! I’ll call you once I have money Good night Aww! It stopped raining! Didn’t I tell you it would? See that? Were you also a weatherman once? No, I wasn’t! You are thoroughly wet What should we do? Don’t worry– I have an idea This is the dress the actress would
wear when imagining she is a princess Wear it And this dress? For the actor who plays the prince who
comes into the actress’ fantasy You should wear this then I should? Ok No Problem! Gosh! My home without a roof.. Awww! What happened? Your home doesn’t have
a changing room Where should I change my clothes? Right here! In front of you? I’ll close my eyes Promise? Promise! Swear on God! You won’t open your eyes? I won’t open my eyes Swear by me I swear Aww… What now? And where will you change? Here, where else? In front of me? You can close your eyes too, right? Okay! Let’s both close our eyes and change our clothes That’s okay! Ready? Ready One, two, three I’m done! Can I open my eyes? Wait! I’m not done yet I’ll tell you when, then we open Okay! Open your eyes That guitar… Guitar? Actually, I used to sing at a bar Good tips, good pay… I used to pay rent regularly That’s when I bought this bicycle But, it felt like I was abusing my
muse by singing to drunks So I quit singing I am poor now, penniless But, I am happy That’s me–I want to fly like a bird Swim the rivers like a fish I just want freedom in my life I love liberty! I am not a drunk… You could sing for me… Will you? Please! Okay! The moon comes as a bride brings along shimmering stars The moon comes as a bride brings along shimmering stars I raise the silken veil of night and am lost in the moonlight The moon comes as a bride brings along shimmering stars The heart wants to forget the world The heart wants to forget the world It wants to dissolve with the fog Am I drunk? What is this feeling? Perhaps she drugged me with love The moon comes as a bride brings along shimmering stars Earth embraces the broad sky here Earth embraces the broad sky here My eyes see as did never before Wind whispers its ambrosia around The moon comes as a bride brings along shimmering stars I raise the silken veil of night and am lost in the moonlight The moon comes as a bride brings along shimmering star How was the song? Very sweet I enjoyed it a lot Like I’ve never enjoyed before Thank you Welcome Have you seen all of the city? Yes, every street, every corner Will you show me around? At this hour? Please? Okay! Stop! Stop for a while What happened? I need to pee Do this — go do it there There? What if someone sees me? This late in the night?
Nobody will see you Go! No! I am scared Come with me Don’t be scared
I’ll be right here. Go! Hey! What are you doing out so late? I think a star is missing from the sky I was counting the stars Will you help me do it? Did you see anyone here? Who? The Moon! The Moon! Nonsense Let’s Go Thank you! Who were they? Nonsense! Let’s go This is Dharahara Or, you can say – Bhimsen Stambha The first Prime Minister of
Nepal built it in 1825 AD… …in the name of the Queen
Lalit Tripura Sundari The earthquake of 1934 destroyed it Juddha Sumsher reconstructed it later The most important thing– From the top, you can see a fantastic
view of entire Kathmandu city Wow! You know everything about it Well, actually, I used to want
to be a tourist guide Okay! Your wish will be fulfilled Do you have a travel agency? No! So? I want to climb to the top Now, you can be my guide
Okay! This late in the night? Yes Okay, I will try Didn’t you want to climb to the top? Come, lets go Let’s go, Brother Guard How do you like it? I never knew the city in which
I fall asleep each night
is so breathtakingly beautiful! Thank You So much! You are most welcome Let’s go now Did you enjoy yourself? Absolutely That’s good Wait! It is getting late! Go home now! Where is your bicycle? I bribed the Guard with it Why? Who would open the gates to
Dharahara at this late hour otherwise? You gave away your bicycle for me? I can always buy another bicycle Now that we are friends
I have to keep the friendship, right? Yes. Let’s go Good Morning! Good Morning! How lazy you are! Don’t you have to get up? It’s not like I have anything to do! What kind of a girl would ever
want to be with such a lazybones? Exactly — they say people lose
their sleep when they’re in love… But I am always sleeping sound… Don’t worry, the world must
have people lazier than I Greetings, Sir! You should rest for a while You haven’t slept all night Nurse! No daughter has ever disappeared
from our family like this In my lineage I am the first
father to lose control of his daughter How can I rest now? Poor girl! Where must she be now! Has she eaten since yesterday? I am hungry I have no money for food What should we do? I have an idea What kind of an idea? Look over there Do you see a wedding reception? Whose wedding? Whoever. We’ll go, eat, leave We aren’t invited! How can we go? Was I invited to your engagement? Come on! But… Don’t worry! I’m here. Chill! Let’s go! Wait! Stop a moment! Stop! Stop! Hey! Raaj! Where are you going in
these movie costumes? Where are you going with
the carriage? We are shooting a song today
This carriage is for that Can you give us a ride till there? Come Sit! Thank you! Let’s go! Give me your hand Let’s go! Some hot stuff you’ve got there! He means nothing… What’s “hot stuff?” “Hot stuff” means… a good person A very good person Can I say something? Do say… You too, are such “hot stuff!” Excuse me Sir!
Will you have something? This is for you. Take it Thank you! Welcome sir! Cheers! You know everything! Actually, I used to also be a waiter You’ve experienced everything! A hungry stomach teaches
you everything! Leave it! Cheers! Excuse me… Yes, sir! Thank you I am hungry Hungry? Let’s go! –What have you done!– What happened? I don’t know Listen– what happened? The bride killed herself Shit! Why? She loved someone else But her parents were forcing
her to marry someone else That’s why she killed herself She did the right thing Better to die than spend her
life with someone she doesn’t love Poor girl! Why are you scared? We will let you go But, you’ll have to donate that
expensive necklace to us May I go now? You want to go? By all means, go wherever
you want to go What happened? Who are you? He’s asking who we are!
Tell him who we are! “By relation, I’m your father!”
Name: Amitabh Bachchan! “Basanti! Don’t dance for this dog!”
Name: Dharmendra! “Samba! What’s the reward
on my head?” “A full five million, Boss!” Did you hear that? The movie bug’s bitten them bad What was that? You won’t understand
I’ll explain later Samba! We’ll sell this necklace
and remake “Sholay” in Nepali That too, in the LCD format! But–tell us– who are you? Of Rajesh Hamal… Shiva Shrestha… and… Bhuvan KC… I am the unified form… Return that necklace… Or, you’ll get a “Chino”
imprint on your face… …of my fist! Bastard! You’ll put a stamp
on my face? When words fail, I bring
out the big guns! Amitabh! Beat him up! “What am I to you, huh?” “Daddy!” Dharmendra! Hit him! #”Jat Yamala, pagala deewana!”# Bastard…. “Please forgive me!” “Gabbar!” “In your mother’s eye!” Gabbar–how many men were there? Three men, Boss! Bastard! Says he’ll remake “Sholay!” Actually, I’d learned martial arts, too Hey! What happened? Why did you leave me? Actually… Don’t talk to me You call yourself a friend But you abandon me Sorry I’m not talking to you Hey– Hey– look at me! What’s wrong with her! You get upset so easily You get upset so easily How shall I make you laugh again? A strange creature you are–
Sweet, tart, too hot to handle You disappear like the wind You disappear like the wind
What galls you’ve to sweet-talk me! A strange creature you are–
Sweet, tart, too hot to handle You call me your friend first You call me your friend first
But you abandon me mid-way Good looking, but hard of heart
You walk away at a whim I’ll treasure in my heart
..any insult you throw at me You get upset so easily How should I call you now? How should I call you now?
Call you a friend or stranger? Or that a simple-minded shrew
…has lost her way into my heart? Keep saying whatever you want
I want nothing but to hear you sing You get upset so easily How shall I make you laugh again? A strange creature you are–
Sweet, tart, too hot to handle You disappear like the wind
What galls you’ve to sweet-talk me! A strange creature you are–
Sweet, tart, too hot to handle Let’s go home! Your father is worried about you Who has spirited my heart away? You gave away your bicycle for me? I can always buy another bicycle Who is this man? Which man? The man who has stolen your heart, Princess. Who stole my heart? The man with whom you
spent the night Him? I don’t even know his name Nurse! Please listen to me! Nurse! Please listen to me first! He showed me the city He also sang for me He gave me all the happiness
in the world in one night Control yourself, Princess. I never realized when he
stole my heart away, Nurse. Some people secretly inhabit the heart… in oblivion beat in your heart and hearts become entwined and in oblivion love happens Love? Yes, love To think of him every moment to cry at his thought to be upset with the slightest things to find happiness just as abruptly and stupefied, stare at nothing and in oblivion… In oblivion does love ensnare you But, remember one thing– To take you away from this palace there won’t be a man on a bicycle, But a man riding a carriage. How can I love another man? How can I love him? I can’t love another man! I can’t love another man! I can’t love another man! I can’t love anyone! I can’t love anyone! I can’t love anyone! Radhyesham! Listen For the first time in my life
someone has tarnished my honour He has no right to live any more That street urchin can not survive
under any circumstances Kill him! Father! What are you saying! Nurse! Nurse! why did Father ask to kill him? What wrong did he do? Why is Father asking to kill him? Let me out, Nurse! Let me go out Otherwise they will kill him I can’t do anything against Sir’s wishes Forgive me I am only a nurse, I don’t have the
courage to break this house’s rules Didn’t the guards stop you? If only I’d come through the gate… You didn’t come through the gate? No! What is your name? Did you come so late to ask my name? No! You should run away from here My father has sent people to kill you Thanks for the information But I am not afraid of anyone You can go now Nurse says you’ve stolen my heart She says I am in love with you now Are you in love with me, too? I am Katuwal! I get cut! And I’ll cut you into pieces! Kill that bastard! What do you take a salary for? For what? Princess runs away from the palace
before your very eyes but you have no inkling of it What do you do here? God damn you! What are you looking at now? Go! Don’t worry, Uncle! I won’t leave that boy alive Rest assured, I’ll find Manavi O heart! Whisper your secret to me! O heart! Whisper your secret to me! Who has spirited my heart away? Who has spirited my heart away? Who has spirited my heart away? In this verdant, vital world My heart dances with a wild joy In this verdant, vital world My heart dances with a wild joy Here birds sing and the breeze dances Here birds sing and the breeze dances Did a bird-song steal the heart? Or is the heart lost to someone’s love? Who has spirited my heart away? My footsteps lead themselves forward Unstoppable my dreams fly forward My footsteps lead themselves forward Unstoppable my dreams fly forward Somewhere loves lives, and …
…elsewhere lives the thrill of love Did love-sickness steal the heart or did the surrounding steal it? Who has spirited my heart away? O heart! Whisper your secret to me! O heart! Whisper your secret to me! Who has spirited my heart away? Who has spirited my heart away? Welcome to our village Even Lord Shiva went mad in love
and carried his bride’s corpse through three worlds for 100 years We are mere mortals You are now members of this village The villagers will be with you
in every moment of joy and grief Marriage is the final bond of love At the next Bibaha Panchami,
you’ll marry according to our custom Love seeks no physical comfort Therefore, until you create a
home for yourself, this society… …gives you the permission to live
under one roof, in the guest house This is our guest house Let me close the gate Please come in Come in Please, do come in… Come in Please think of this as your own home You must be very hungry I will arrange food for you Yes, please Please rest, I’ll be right back We have shelter for now But how will we make a living? Just as everybody else does Will you stay with me for life? I love you, I’ll do my part So sweet! AFTER A FEW DAYS Aadi! Hi! Hey! How do you make a curry? What? How to cook curry? What? How to cook curry? Curry? First, put the pot on then put some oil in it put turmeric in it then put the vegetables salt it and cover it for a while then put the spices in and then add a little water. Understood? I understood! And grub? Grub? Call it rice! Rice? Yes– rice! How to cook it? First, wash the rice, discard the water then put water in a pot
and put it in the gas stove Okay? I understood! Alright! I’ll make lunch for you Come quickly Okay! Make it delicious! Bye! First, put the pot on then put some oil in it put salt and turmeric First, put the pot on then put some oil in it put salt and turmeric then… add the spices! Then it’ll be done! Aadi! Aadi! I won’t talk to you Why are you so late? Look at this first! Did you catch them? No. They hooked themselves Poor fishy! I thought you caught them Silly girl! Do fishes ever hook themselves? They don’t? No. I caught them Why did you lie then? Sorry, I will never lie to you. Okay? Promise? Promise I’m hungry Isn’t lunch ready? It’s ready! Aadi! Look! How is it? It’s uncooked I did just as you said– I put the pot, oil, turmeric and salt… then the vegetables and spices… how can it be uncooked? Don’t you need to light a fire? Fire? Why didn’t you tell me
about lighting the fire then? Sorry, my mistake Why did you make a mistake? I won’t repeat it What will we do with the fish? Take it to the market, sell it… and buy lentils, rice, vegetables and spices. Wow! I want to come with you Really? Yes! Will you light the fire the next time? I will Okay! Going to the market? I want to come with you No. I will be late tonight No! I want to come along I said I’ll be late tonight I don’t care. Take me along Please! I’ll take you there later What will I do here all alone? Sit here and remember me. I always have to stay here alone You never take me Please, take me with you! I’ll return as soon as possible I have never asked you
for anything When I was with you, I was happy to
sleep hungry through nights Our children have grown up Why put their future in jeopardy
out of our selfishness? Being their parents,
don’t we have a duty towards them? I got a phone call today from Kathmandu
saying that visa to Israel are open… for employment as household workers What is wrong if I go over for
a few years and return? Thuli! Thuli! No matter how well I treat the kids… it won’t be like having their
mother at home You should stay–I will go abroad I will earn and bring home money Why don’t you understand? Your health won’t allow You’ll have a hard life abroad Won’t it be hard for you? If we had been able to save
some money in time… we wouldn’t have to see this day When we need each other the most… you want to leave me alone here? What can we do now? We didn’t think ahead in time. “If we had been able to save
some money in time… “we wouldn’t have to see this day” What are you thinking about? That we will get married soon But, if I stay just as poor, I won’t
be able to provide you happiness. But my happiness lies within you No, Manavi! When I see you working… my heart breaks It feels like I am being unjust to you You had servants around you all day… Aadi, why do you think like that? With you, I’ve found all
the happiness in the world You talk of two days of happiness I’m talking about a lifetime happiness Strife, poverty, need… you have no
experience of these things Therefore, I have made a decision I will go abroad What are you saying? You’ll leave me alone here? It is just for a few years I’ll return with a world of happiness I don’t need happiness that
is bought with money I left behind comfort and riches
to be with you… just for the sake of love Now you talk of leaving me to
give me the things I left behind? You haven’t experienced poverty
and destitution like I have, Manavi Only I know how desperate I have been
for one warm meal for days I was alone then and was never serious
about my life But now you are with me I can’t punish you to a
lifetime of desperation Aadi! If you’re with me, I can
stand any hardship in the world Can’t we can live together
and work together here? Do you have to leave me? Life is not that simple And, what work do you know? Now, I’ll work. First, I’ll light the fire, then put the pot on then I’ll add oil, onions, turmeric
spice, vegetables, everything I’ll go fishing with you I’ll work in the fields We’ll earn enough to survive Don’t leave me, Aadi! Brother! While you are young
you should earn and save money Something bad might happent in future… …someone might get ill What if you don’t have the money
for the treatment? My relative has a manpower
agency in the city I can talk to him for arrangements
for you to go abroad It isn’t so easy! I don’t even have a passport Don’t you worry about a thing! I’ll make all necessary arrangements Until we get the visa, we can
live in the city and find work But, Manavi… Let’s not tell them anything… and just leave secretly They’ll be upset for a few days But they’ll understand it is for
them that we’re going abroad… and then they’ll wait for us to return Will they really wait? Brother… Lovers wait for each other
for many lives if necessary My heart aches at having to
leave you behind It burns somewhere in my heart My heart tries to convince me not to go… but my mind doesn’t listen to the heart I am stepping over my heart today Don’t think of me as unfaithful… I can stand any blame the world
throws at me But I can’t live if you think
I have wronged you in any way I shall die on the day I have to imagine
a life without you! My world is empty without you I believe that you will understand me I will return as soon as I can… with all the happiness in the world After that, I shall never abandon
you even for a moment Yours, Aditya… Aadi. You’re very late! Did you do as I asked you? Yes, I did Alright! Let’s go now! We have to reach the highway
by sunrise! Come on! Hurry! Let’s go! God! I’m leaving Manavi
in your hands Protect her until I return. Where did you go after
abandoning me? Who are you? Don’t you recognize me? I am your Debaki! Please never leave me behind Leave me! Don’t punish me like this! I just want to be with you Please don’t leave me here! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! Let go, daughter! Forgive her, son! The man she loved told her
he would return for her and left her Poor girl, she always waits by
the temple for him to return She pleads to everyone she
meets, mistaking them for him But he never came for her Son, you can get going But, where are you going so
late in the night? Please don’t leave me here Don’t cry, daughter! Don’t cry! You shouldn’t cry! Let’s go.

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