KARATE WARRIORS | 子連れ殺人拳 | Shin’ichi Chiba | 千葉真 | Full Length Martial Arts Movie | English

Kozure Satsujin-Ken
“Karate Warriors” C’mon, Place your bets. Ha ha! C’mon sucker…i’ll take all your money. -Ok, let’s go again. Place your bets.
-11…easy for me! Ha ha. You see! Hey stranger, don’t just stand there, join us. Break it up! All gambling around here is controlled by Nishi’s gang. I’m here to take the money. Executive producer:
Kenji Takamura Writer:
Tatsuhiko Kamoi I’m…I’m hurt. I’m hurt. Call a doctor, Please! Hey, one of you call an ambulance. No one gives a damn huh? No cops around either!!! Starring Shinichi Chiba Kawasaki Akane – Koyama Akiko Murota Hideo – Bin Amatsu Members of the Japan Action Club! Natsuyagi Isao Umemiya Tatsuo Directed By:
Kazuhiko Yamaguchi Doctor’s Surgery. Take it easy son. If I don’t sterilize it, you’ll lose your eye.
You’re a lot luckier than most. Yumi, get the bandages ready and dress his eye. I’ve got it ready doctor. He’s younger than most of your gangsters.
How come you’re accepting teenagers? You’ve got me wrong Miss.
I don’t belong to any gang. I just got here this morning. Oh, I’m sorry.
I thought that you belonged to Higa’s gang. Who’s Higa? Him and his brother Nishi head
two of the gangs trying to take over. Two brothers fighting each other for control!
They’re evil. They can both go straight to hell. There’s nothing but trouble in store for them. It all started about six months ago
when the boss of bosses Sendai passed away. Unfair! He was a good, fair man – I liked him. Once he was gone, nobody was safe. A man named Keijo took over as boss.
A ruthless animal of the worst kind. He was just convicted of murder and
sent away for life. That left Higa and Nishi.
With Keijo out of the way,leadership was up to them. There wasn’t enough money to be made on
the drug market because they became too greedy. Room for only one, huh? That’s right. Each has their own gang now and they’re
hiring every freelance killer they can find. Pretty soon a war will break out between
the two brothers. And I also believe that Sendai’s death and all this fighting has
something to do with a fortune in heroin. The heroin is hidden somewhere…
The man who finds it will be rich. If you value your life, get out of town and don’t
have anything to do with either of them. You heard from your brother? Don’t mention that bastard! Ha ha. Go On, give it to her! -I want a woman.
-They’re all busy, as you can see for yourself. -But I’m a customer.
-Then I have a suggestion. Go elsewhere! Hey, open this bottle Wait! -You are wild!
-Madam…. Ginko. I wanted to meet a beautiful woman tonight.
I’m lucky! Thanks. But there are only high class people in this place.
You’d better try the whorehouse in the next block. Let go. Higa, that the guy’s the one. He beat us today.
When we called in on that Samurai with the kid, he fought us off. What the… You must be Higa. You’re the one I’ve come so see. I gave you a demonstration just now.
And you’ll find out that I can do a lot more than that. Bastard. -My brother sent you here to frighten us?
-No he didn’t. I’m here looking for work. That’s a lie. -I bet it’s some kind of trick of Nishi’s.
-He didn’t put me up to anything. Take it easy. Lose your temper and you’ll lose to me! If you pay these idiots a wage,
you’ll be better off with me on the payroll. Stop that. Higa, don’t let them smash the bar up. Higa, I’ve changed my mind.
Go ahead and teach him a lesson. Come on Wolf. Tear his head off. How was that? Good! You’re hired. -What’s the pay?
-3000 yen per week. I guess I spoke to the wrong brother. I’ll see if Nishi’s got more of a brain! So you’re hoping to work for me?
I don’t need anybody. You don’t seem to understand.
I could knock the hell out of your whole gang… …in five minutes. Karate? I’m a Master! That’s great, but I’ve got a Samurai in the gang
Do you think your Karate can beat him? Would you like to fight him?
If you think you’re so tough, it should be easy. No thanks. You’re clever. You’ll live long. Fight the best you can. Otherwise I won’t have anything to do. And if I get a job, I’ll give you a rice cake! See you later. How good is he? Good enough. What are you thinking? About the two of us. I’ve been Nishi’s girl till now. I’d be betraying your brother if I became your woman. I’d be risking my life too. It might not be worth that risk.
Nishi would try to kill me, I know that. That bastard! It was my lousy brother… …he did this to me, and it still hurts. Are you afraid of Nishi if you take me as your girl? Are you kidding? -In that case, you can tell me something…
-What do you want to know? What! How do you know about that? I heard your brother talking. Nishi’s trying to find that heroin. Yeah….But he won’t get it. I’ll kill him first!
I’ll kill them all! And when I find the heroin…. …. I’ll buy you whatever you like.
In the meantime… I’ll still take care of you! No, Not here.. – Why not?
– That Tablet. His spirit could still be watching. Who’s is it? Your old boss Sendai’s. Keijo asked me to look after
it when he got sent to jail. Sendai? So he got religious before he died! Well, with Sendai dead and Keijo locked up,
you might as well throw it out! And if you won’t…then I will. Yumi. What’s going on? What is it? Stop looking at me like that. Well Yumi, the way I live is none of your concern,
so cut it out. You’ve got a good job, you’re a respected nurse. Don’t forget who helped you out. It wasn’t easy. After our parents died,
I paid for all your schooling. I went through hell. I know that Sis. And I do appreciate it.
I had to see you today, and not to criticise you. I’d like us to go and see the grave of our mother. She died twenty years ago tomorrow. I’d like to pay our respects to her. I thought that you’d like to come along. It’s a memorial tablet in honour of our old boss. It’s Sendai’s. Keijo asked if I could
keep it safe now he’s in jail. I’ve no use for it, you can have it! That fish took my bait again! Hello again Mr! – How’s fishing? Catch anything?
– The Fish take the bait off the hook. You’ll see that it takes a lot of patience to catch fish. You must not ‘strike’ too early.
You must wait until you get a good bite. I heard my daddy say that. You’re daddy huh?
Here…. – There we go…
– That’s brilliant! We got a big one huh? Oh Yeah, that’s a whale! That’s great. Hello there Mr. Oh, hello nurse. What are you up to? Teaching the boy fishing. Who’s little boy is that? His father is a Samurai. Watch out! Where’d you learn to drive? Wreck everything! YOU FOOLS! Mizuko single handedly beat the hell out of you. Why the hell are you getting paid?
The samurai’s tough. We’re no match. I’m right, huh? Yeah…Brother! It’s Nishi. What is it? What do you want? Take it easy dear brother.
I just called to find out how business is. GO TO HELL! I’m trying to be reasonable.
Maybe you and I can work things out? Only if you’re ready to join my gang. Ginko would like you to join my gang. Ginko huh? Hello Higa. How are you?
Is eveything ok? I’m enjoying a drink. Your brother is showing me the most wonderful time. Higa, darling. Come here and join us. Your brother sends love. And Ginko, she’s waiting for you! Scumbag…He’s taken it too far.
Nishi’s going to get wasted. Let’s go! An affair with Higo. Girlriend to Nishi.
And you still have time for me! Cheiko. Cheiko darling, I’ll always have time for you.
You’re so different. -How am I different?
-Don’t…don’t even ask! You think that by using sex you can get what you want? Of course not darling. It’s just that I’m so afraid and I need protection.
I don’t want either of them to kill me. And what if Keijo ever gets out of jail?
If he managed to escape he’d try to kill me too. So, I’m your bodyguard? -I’ve never loved a man like you, you’re special.
-What is your game? Didn’t I already tell you? You’re a very beautiful woman my dear.
Somebody will always look out for you. So, what are you really after? So you won’t tell the truth hey? Forget it.
And I’ll forget being your bodyguard. Wait. Alright. I’ll tell you.
You see…I’m after the same drugs. Keijo, before he got locked up, thought that Higa
or Nishi would figure where he’d hidden the heroin. -If I can find it, I’ll be a rich.
-Or dead! So, which one has it? If I knew, I’d split it. I don’t have the answer.
I’ll get my answer if one kills the other. – The remaining brother will have the heroin.
– And then you plan to steal it from him? We could do it together. Say you’ll do it.
Then we could split it in half. Very generous, but I’m not looking for a fortune.
I want to see money right away. I’ll give you cash now. Take what you want. And take me also. I don’t take payment for that kind of service! Get off me. Leave me alone. Let go. Let me go! Let’s get out of here. Cowards! Pick up your cap. They ran away.
That means you won. Are you alright? I’m ok. Yosh! We’re all finished.
Young man, you’re a good patient. Till you’re better, how would you like to stay with us? – I think that you’d enjoy it.
– Yes. – Go tell your father that you’re here.
– Ok Ok…let’s sit you upright… You’re as good as new now. Tell me, who is that lady? My Mother. Your Mother? – Where is she now?
– She died They ran away like a bunch of kids! – Yori, you’re the manager there now.
– Thanks! A Toast to our Samurai for wiping out Higa’s gang. “Samurai” 30,000 yen to kill my brother.
That’s all I’ve got. 30,000 yen. All you’ve got huh?
I guess that I can’t ask for more then. You’ll get more though in a few days with all your raquets. This’ll be enough to get me started.
Three days though, that’s all. Wait. That’s all you’ll get. Just sell some more heroin.
You’ve got a lot of it around! What do you mean? Oh nothing. Just guessing! Alright. I’ll get you more money.
Just get to work. Gentlemen come on, the show is starting.
Let’s go. Let’s go! Go right in, they’re beautiful girls. Clean up in here. I don’t want to find any trace that
Nishi ran this joint. Great work Karate fighter!
Work hard for me and you’ll be rich. Now, thanks to you, I’ve got my brother on the run. Hello. Boss, Nishi’s on the phone. Is he… Bastard! You’re too late to start sweet talking me. You’re finished Nishi. What? A truce? Oh yeah! Why should I? Say that again… I have a lot of heroin. It’s worth a billion yen.
Keijo told me where it was hidden. So if you stop hitting my joints,
we can have a truce and split the drugs. You would huh… …be willing to split 50/50. I give you my word.
We’re destroying each other at the moment. If we continue like this there won’t
be anything left. Okay, it’s a deal. We’ll call a truce.
But Nishi, you’d better play straight. – You’d better have those drugs or else.
– Of course. Don’t you worry. Bastard. We must find the hiding place before he does. Darling. Your brother hasn’t found it yet? – Not yet. And I haven’t found it either.
– Really? Would I lie to you? That’s how our feud started in the first place. Higa thinks that I have the heroin,
but I think that he knows where Keijo hid it. I don’t know how to get my hands on it. You must! I think you’re lying. Don’t talk to me like that. I haven’t a clue where Keijo hid that heroin.
You were his woman for a long time… Maybe you know… I don’t. I swear that he didn’t tell me where it was. Do you expect me to believe that?
What kind of an idiot do you think I am? Before he got locked up, he would’ve told someone
where he hid it, and I think he’d have told you. Tell me where the heroin is. I don’t know Tell me where it is… – I swear that he never told me.
– Liar. I swear he didn’t. Come on…talk. – I swear I don’t…
– Liar Liar. Lying bitch. – Tell me or else…
– I don’t know. You’re a lying bitch. – Keep an eye on her.
– Sure Boss. – He gave you some beating!
– Get out of here. You have no business here. You’re wrong. I’m here to discuss business. There’s trouble brewing…
Higa and Nishi are about to settle their differences. They wouldn’t. If they do, they’ll stop fighting and possibly kill you.
You know too much about their business. But, if something happens… …and they continue their fighting.
I’ll be able to find out where Keijo hid the heroin. What are you thinking? Their truce. We’ll have to put an end to it. Hey, what are you doing here?
What the hell do you want? You want to make up with Higa, is that it? Beat it. Ohhh…what do you want? Welcome brother.
We shouldn’t have waited so long to get together. The let’s not waste any more time.
Where’s the heroin? I wish I knew! So you lied…
You must know. Stop being an idiot, and use your head. What I think is that Keijo didn’t tell either of us. Keijo lied?
He said that he told you where the heroin is. He told me that you had the heroin. – What are you doing here?
– Excuse me. Obviously this man was killed by the Samurai. You bastard. I’ll kill you. – Wait…Higa let’s talk.
– You’re a liar…You’re as good as dead. – That’s how he keeps the truce!
– You’re crazy. I had nothing to do with it. Get out! Kill everyone! – Are you alright? Does it hurt?
– I’m ok. Watch. You’re like a grasshopper! – What do you want?
– We’re taking the kid. What are you doing?
Let him go. Don’t hurt him. Higa, the Samurai is coming. Don’t come any closer.
Throw down your sword. Do as I say or I’ll cut up your kid. Stop. Don’t let them kill him.
Do whatever they say or he’ll be killed. I beg you. Back off or the boy will die. Stay out of the way or you’ll be killed. Great, you’re going to get rich! – I’ll pay you 100 million yen to kill the samurai.
– I won’t take it. I’d rather you try instead. I never fight dirty! Stay right there.
I’ll kill him if you don’t. Duck right! – Give him to me.
– Get him out of here. Yumi, we’ll need another 200cc’s of blood. Will it not be too much?
We’ve already taken 400cc’s from him. It might do some good! He has so much hot blood,
taking some more might calm him down! – Tell me, are you ok?
– I’ve never felt any better! Please make sure he lives.
Don’t talk. Save your strength. Everything is spinning!!! My son. How do you feel? I’m sorry that you had to be hurt.
But in the end, it saved your life. And the karate fighter,
gave his blood so that you wouldn’t die. The karate fighter did that for me? He did. Never forget his generosity. But someday, I will have to fight him. Who do you think will win? You’re gonna win. I know it. You’re still alive? You deserve a lot worse for breaking up our truce.
I’d like to know why… To keep working! If you continue to keep fighting,
then I continue to be employed! You bastard. You spoilt the chance for me
to make peace with my brother. I’ll see that you die very slowly. Let’s see how long it takes you to freeze to death. – Turn it on.
– Ok A frozen karate fighter will not cause any further trouble. Wait…If you kill me then you’ll never get your hands on the Heroin. What Heroin? – The Heroin that Keijo hid.
– Rubbish. My brother’s the only one that knows that. – Well I was told by Ginko.
– Ginko doesn’t know anything. You don’t know how to get a woman to talk. You can beat her,
but there’s other things that a man can do. You wouldn’t know how because you’re the dumbest
son of a bitch that i’ve ever met! OK. If you’re so smart,
why don’t you tell me where it is. I expect a good price for telling you. This is my price!
Now talk… Mizuki. What are you doing here? What the hell did you do that for? Samurai. Have you turned against us? You trapped Goro so that the Samurai could kill him. Why did you do it? Was it Nishi’s brilliant idea?
Was he the one who put you up to it? He didn’t. It was the karate fighter.
He was threatening me.
I think that he’s trying to trick you. You are nothing but a fool.
I’m going to make you suffer the
way Goro did when he lost his arm. Grab her… – I’ll cut off your arm.
– Wait! You just want to know where the Heroin is, right? So tell me, where’s the Heroin?
I’ll ask Keijo. Keijo? He’s in jail. But he can see a visitor. Just give me three days. Think I’m a sucker to fall for that? Keijo probably trusts you less than I do.
He won’t tell you. I know I could make him talk.
I know that he still loves me. Darling, you’ve got to trust me.
I really love you Higa. It’s true, I really do. Ok, you’ve got one more chance. You go ahead. However, if you try getting too
clever then I’ll kill you. Can I come in? – You Mustn’t push yourself too hard.
– I have to. I need to prepare myself well. But you’re still so very weak.
You’ve got to take it easy. True! But I can’t hide here forever. No, but you might be killed if you show up in town. The two brothers both want to kill you.
They’ll succeed if you’re too weak to fight. That’s right. Then stay here.
You’ll be safe until you get your strength back. Remember to take your medicene. Yumi. I’m glad I met you. Allow me… Oh, why have you got that? Keijo asked my sister to look
after it before he got sent to jail. Keijo? It’s a memorial for the old boss Sendai.
The doctor and him were good friends. His grave is at the temple of Kimei.
I’ve visited a couple of times. -Take this…doctors orders!
-Ok. I suspected that it’d be you who found the Heroin. And you were right. I thought that you might too. We belong to the same world you and I, after all! I won’t let you have it. Well then…I’ll have to take it. I knew it would end like this. I thought it when we first saw each other. You fought well…and fairly. This is for my son. It’s his mothers address. I told him she was dead. Please make sure he gets it. I promise that I will. Well done. We’ve got it now! You won’t be getting a bonus from me! Our Karate fighter is weak. Kill him. Let’s get out of here. Boss. These men did it. They have no respect.
They broke it and found the key. Now they have the Heroin. You conniving bitch. Where are you being taken? Abashiri. The far north huh? The winter is bitterly cold up there. So…You know the prison? – That’s him.
– Has he got it? Yes. Are you on the run? Why do you ask? Those guys look like they’ve broken out of jail.
They seem to be watching you and the kid. Trouble? Our stop… Hey kid. Thank you. Give us that bag. If you don’t, then the kid will die. Thanks. You saved my life! Miss. Excuse me. Are you the former Mrs Mizuki? Yes, can I help you? This boys father – your husband – has died.
He’s your son. Osama… Hey Osama…It’s your mother. Do you recognise her?
Look, she’s so happy to see you again. Go and hug her. Mamma. Has daddy gone? Take me home. Osama was a baby when they dragged him away.
I never saw my husband or the boy again. Oh, how he must have suffered. Now I’m married again, my husband and I
have a son of our own and we’re very happy. Please understand. He has nobody. That’s why he’s here.
He needs a new start. Please…open your heart to your son. I can’t accept another boy.
Not after all this time. Osama! Osama! Osama! Hey! Osama! Osama… Osama! Don’t cry. A man doesn’t cry…and someday,
you’ll be a man. Stay here. Don’t come out.
Don’t make a sound. No matter what. Hey… Thanks. Get him. Karate fighter. I want my Heroin. So you’re Keijo? I’ll take a Million yen! Kill him! We’ve got him…Kill him. Hey! Stop it! Daddy said that if he died he wanted
his ashes thrown into the ocean. You stupid kid, these aren’t his ashes. But they are..they’re white aren’t they? All ashes are white and I did as he said. Are you angry because I did what daddy wanted? Stupid boy! It’s what daddy asked.
Do you think that he’s glad that I threw them? Oh yeah! Very glad. He must be laughing! -Listen kid, you’re going into a foster home.
-No. The way your father died. I want you to know the truth. I killed him. I love you like a son. But don’t forget, my enemy was your father. It was fate that we had to fight. Once you’ve grown up… I don’t want you around. You may well want to kill me. Do you understand? The End

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