Karate Self-Defense Tips : Karate Lessons: Block a Jab

O.K., what’s going on over here, we’re going
to go ahead and work on blocking the jab. O.k., before we teach you the jab we’re going
to teach you how to block it. It’s very sensible. She’s going to go ahead and strike. Go ahead,
go ahead. Now what I’m doing here, in slow motion, she’s punching and I’m absorbing it
by opening up my fist right here. In hopes of two things, number one, there’ll be enough
cushion for me to not really field it, or number two, if she were to punch me I could
go ahead and grab, grab something and go in for a throw. Now, look at it a few more times.
Go ahead. Right in to a grappling move, right there. Now if you just look at me, all I’m
doing is I’m pushing away. I’m pushing away and keeping my palm open. It’s no good, this
will get you hurt. And this is for more absorption, and my elbow will absorb it. And it’s only
for a jab. If you were to get it kicked or something around that area, I would not suggest
this block, not even for a hook. This is not good for hooks or uppercuts. This is just
good for a jab. So keep in mind you just want to jab because, trust me, if you want to block
you just need to go ahead and get more absorption. You’re going to get hit no matter what. That’s
the way I look at things. It’ better to just be realistic about it. All these other blocks,
they’re not going to work for you.

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