The fighting stars are students at Ron
little martial arts that are accomplishing their goals look for more fighting stars at Sophie has always been a rough and tumble kind of
girl she’s taking down middle school boys on the soccer field so I decided she needed a little discipline so we brought her into karate and your grades have
improved she’s much more disciplined she can stand still for longer periods of
time she’s just more focus and better behaved altogether. I am really happy with
what’s happend at karate with her she’s absolutely loving karate she has decided
she’s going to be a black belt by any means possible so she comes to every
class you could possibly come to and she’s having a great time. I love
watching her grow and learning all these new forms and becoming a karate girl. I would recommend
and I have recommended it I think it’s great program for the instructors here
are wonderful teachers everybody treats everybody like family she’s learning so
much it’s really enjoyable for us all. The study of martial arts help students
develop a strong mind body and spirit. The instructors at Ron Little Martial
Arts work closely with students to help them achieve their goals. Often a child
that acts out is looking for someone to set limits the instructors at Ron little
martial arts teach students that there are times to run and play and times to
focus and listen. We teach them how to tell what time it is.

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