KARATE ON FIRE! | Amazing Karate Candle Extinguishing — Jesse Enkamp

Dizem que o maior poder que existe na terra são as chamas do espirito humano Todos nós temos um fogo que arde dentro de nós Você consegue controlá-lo? Chamas pode ser perigosas Você pode ou você controla essa chama ou ela controla você Seja o mestre desse fogo.

99 thoughts on “KARATE ON FIRE! | Amazing Karate Candle Extinguishing — Jesse Enkamp

  1. Impressive video, grandmaster. Turn off candles with the punches and kicks requiere too much spiritual might…

  2. KARATE! oh my god just the sound of it makes me smile , i adore karate i am a karateka for 7 years and i haven't had enough of it , karate made my life a better place and a happier place , karate changed the way of how i look at things , it made my personalty more powerful than ever before , and it helped me even at streets just by standing the kumite stand against the one who is trying to bully me they were afraid to step any step towards me and i didn't even make a move!! haha! just by standing it makes me confidant! KARATE is passion!

  3. this is incredible. i would love to train with you. i take issue with how so many karatekas present karate. so focused on looking like a karateka they miss the point. people like you make me like karate.

  4. Just awesome. Why not play on what made karate so popular! It's friggin bad ass and people are finally starting to respect it as an art and a system that's applicable to mma training.

  5. Best Karatekas in Katas yet :
    1) Tsuguo Sakumoto
    2) Michael Milon
    3) Dario Marchini
    lightyears above Luca Valdesi (who has perfect form with almost no kime and bunkai not on par with any of the 3 above). From 2010 on, the women like Rika Usami, Hikaru Ono, Kiyou Shimizu do katas better than men of their age and competition era.

    @ Jesse Enkamp, deleting this comment (like you did with my other comment) will only show your power of denial (and bias) and is far from the mentality of a true karateka who is in pursuit of truth in martial arts.

    I wish you the best for your path in Karate, in sports Karate competition and in real Karate-do.

  6. Will show my daughter and the kids in our Karate class (here in Japan) this video. They will be like Sugeee, (Sugoi for the girls of course lol).

  7. I tried this and my whole house burned down 😣😣😣 Na jk awesome snaps and techniques. The snaps at just the right moment, creates a mini vacum causing the flames to go out. So scientifically (Not a word o well) his snaps at just the right moment woosh all the oxigen in that one area is kaboos for an instant extinguishing the flames. Also Karate can be applied to all knowledge and life. Karate itself, is the flame that never burns out!

  8. Awesome, Jesse! And you know, I forgot… do you practice Shotokan, or Shorin Ryu? I ask because you have the Shorin Ryu symbol on your gi, but I've also seen you perform Shotokan techniques. Or have you just made your way through all the Shuri te and Naha te systems?

  9. This blew my mind…
    I don't know how long it's gonna take for me to reach this level of awesomness, but I definitely want to get there💪

  10. Jesse! I never saw this! Really cool!!! Reminds me of the tv series Kung Fu.
    Kids..nerds… this is what you call KIME.
    Thanks 🙏

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