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  1. thanks for doing these! i want to learn Okinawa karate but i am learning shaolin kung fu first in order to get an understanding of where the style karate derived from.

  2. Hi Jesse-Sensei,
    You're such a cool guy! I really enjoy your series and one time I'm definitely fly to Okinawa! You should do more videos like this…wherever you are! Whether you're in Miami or Japan or even Sweden. Please show the world how you train and your lifestyle. Free blogs from you here on YouTube would be great! Big respect, you're an idol!
    King Regards,

  3. Awesome Jesse! I look forward to see the next one! I awoke up anxious to see this one because I know that in my timezone when I wake up there is going to be a new episode. Thanks for the great work!

  4. so great that I can learn more things from the videos you upload. maybe one day I wish I could practice with you Jesse

  5. Sensei Jessie, this is amazing. I've been watching you for quite some years already. Yet, I have to thank you for all of your content you've provided. Also, I hope I have the pleasure someday to train with you. Take care Sensei.

  6. Loved this. Thank you. How do you recommend managing the intro to dojo/grade issue? I appreciate that wearing a white belt is appropriate etiquette, but can also see how this might cause confusion.

  7. Greetings from Texas, love your stuff and learning so much!! I turned 42 and still training. i started at 12, did lots of cross training judo, bjj, boxing/kickboxing held texas chapionship 93, but now i have found how important kata is, it is the backbone of Karate. thank you gor your work and love of Karate!!
    God bless

  8. Im glad to see that you wear a white belt at the Kodudo class, It indicates that you are a humble person no matter if you are already a Sensei, congratulations Jesse, greetings from Mexico.

  9. Sensei Jesse, thank you for the amazing videos. This series in Okinawa is so exciting! Do you have any tips on how you generate the 'snap' when delivering a punch? I have tried to whip my arm as in the traditional drum 'den-den daiko' (I was told this was the secret) and use my hips but no effect! you make it look so simple! Dōmo arigatō

  10. I hope you had a chance to go see other places, too, and not only at the dojo. Lots and lots of places to see, and food to eat.

  11. I used to live in Okinawa, seeing these videos brought back memories, especially the sound of the fan in the dojo. God, it could get really hot there. Ugh.

  12. I'm an 8th kyu in Kyokushin-kan and I know I only practice Japanese karate, but still I have nothing but respect for Okinawan karate and for anyone who visits Okinawa (or Mainland Japan) to practice Karate (any style) I hope to visit Japan myself in the future!

  13. Why do you find it necessary to use a white belt during those trainings? I am just curious because Ive seen other documentaries of martial artists visiting dojos in Okinawa and they use their regular black belts during their training sessions with the senseis

  14. Man I just started karate and I'm hooked to your videos. Respect for your hard work and inspirational posture. Keep it up! Oss!

  15. Jesse i never seem anithyng like that, my sensei come to okinawa, unfortunely he do not made a registre about his vacation, but your serie of vídeos come to me the real sensation to knew more about karate from okinawa. Thanks a lot!

  16. Thanks for uploading Jesse ..I am Training in Akamine dojo here India .Very pleasant to watch ..I learn lot of things form your post and videos thank you very.

  17. I love to know where you got your bag from as it looks very nice ?

    I wonder if I visit for a week if I would be allowed to train with hardly any karate experience or is it fir black belts only ?

  18. Naginata > Katana IMO. Why? I've always firmly believed polearms, outside of very close situations, were always the best melee weapons in war.

  19. What’s interesting about the Harahachibu eating principle is that science has been leaning towards that idea. Those that eat less live longer. All my grandparents were centenarians, they all ate very little.

  20. I know I am late to this video, but does anyone know what the kanji means that the sensei had written for Jesse?

  21. Sense Jesse-What is your style of Karate? I think it is Shotokan or possibly Shorin-ryu derivative(?). Thank you!

  22. This would stand just on it's merits as an excellent Okinawa travel documentary. Karate adds a bonus. I love this video series.

  23. That would be so awesome to train there. Maybe some day I would go there. That is good to keep on practicing everything you learn the old and new so you won't forget. Keep the karate traditions going. That food looks good. That's interesting about the food because a majority of people in America are over eating have obesity and all these health problems with it. Load up on medication when they get old. Food is the best medicine. I would want my health whan I get old I want to keep on doing karate tell I drop that the way to go. Thanks Jesse.

  24. I really like this series; I just started watching your videos so that I can help my 5 year old. He started studying isshinryu and I think the more I know, the more fun I can make it for him when practicing at home.

    I saw you wearing a white belt at the Okinawa dojos – is this because you have not studied this style? As you learn other styles do you continue to test in your own style?

  25. Another great episode! I was privileged to visit the Okinawa Karate Kaikan soon after its opening in early 2017. The quality and workmanship of this facility is quite amazing; a wonderful celebration of karate-do. Also, fantastic that you managed to find an Isshin-ryu (“one heart school”) dojo! I had no idea about the double bone block! Another interesting feature of this unique style is its badge. The badge is known as the “Isshinryu No Megami” (一心流の女神) or “goddess of Isshinryu” (viewers are encouraged to Google it!). The badge is extremely detailed and colourful. It is also unusually large, taking up almost a quarter of the front of a practitioner's gi! The goddess is half woman and half dragon. Her left hand is open, symbolizing peace. Her right hand is closed in a trademark vertical Isshin-ryu fist, representing hard. Like the goddess, the Isshin-ryu practitioner strives to be "fierce in battle and gentle in life." Legend has it that the patch is based on a day dream Tatsuo Shimabuku had in the fifties while he was creating his style. Looking forward to next week!

  26. Have to have to haaaave to point this out.

    At 5:19 in front of that store, that statue of the guy sitting down is from one of the coolest manga ever called Crows

    That’s the main character bouya harumichi

  27. I have enjoyed your clips on YouTube. I am a American Kenpo enthusiast, Parker-Planas Lineage. I thought I heard you mention Mr. Ed Parker Sr in one of your clips, did you?

  28. I want you to download on you tube video you doing kata and another video doing koumite , because i need this video and i didn't found .

  29. Oss sensei. Sensei I have 2 questions. 1. I saw someone was there training by his own. He had tied up a staff with a rope and was hitting it. So how does that work? 2. Sensei when you pull the sai what if yourself with it by mistake?? In India we hardly train with weapons 😭. Oss sensei

  30. sir, i realy admire you and follow regulary. i am from india and i am more intrested to make my children aware and practice martial art but i have only one class near my house and style is shutoryo so can u make any video on this style along with history of it so that my children can know and respect what they learn.

  31. 沖縄古武道も素晴らしいですよね♪世界の人々に伝えてくれてありがとうございます!

  32. Very interesting about the handwashing! Traditional Jewish law requires washing to the wrist and, in the morning, rinsing the mouth. Can I ask if you actually pray there? I'm not a religious person at all (although I respect people's right to believe and practice whatever religion they so desire). Just wondering what you do with the Buddhist and Shinto practices of Japan and Okinawa.

  33. I remember the story of an old radio anchor.. During the world war 2,japanese pilot floating at the seaside ..then the local guys wants to finish him 15 of them..they attack with there bolos with all might and
    power ,after an hour there all exhausted.. Still Japanese pilot is flawless
    From Philippines

  34. I come from the "Karate Nerd in China" videos. Going backwards I guess. As a Kendo and iaido shodan that "Screaming monkeys" comment cracked me up jaja! Now starting Shotokan at 42 and having a blast. Thanks Jesse! 🙂

  35. 12:40 actually it's proven that you will live longer if you eat less by science. Not eating until you're totally full and even starving yourself helps you to live longer.

    For example, you start your day and you don't eat until you're so hungry you can't stand it anymore, then when you finally eat, you only eat until you're 50 to 60% full, full enough to not be hungry anymore, but not anymore than that.

  36. Jesse Enkamp – Okinawa is known as a blue zone…Number 1 around the world for having the highest number of seniors living, who are 100years, or older. There are a few other lifestyle rules that apply as well: 1. 90% plant based diet ( particularly sweet potatoes, rice and beans ), 2. regular light exercise, 3. healthy social relationships, 3. a consistent spiritual life…For your interest there are another 4 Blue Zones, in order of seniors over 100years – no. 2 is Sardinia ( Italy ). no. 3 is Loma Linda ( Cal. USA ). no. 4 is Nicoya Peninsula ( Costa Rica ). no. 5 is Ikaria ( Greece )…Peace…Keep up the good work…

  37. Okay, Jesse you just "fucked up" my mind.
    You said "us scandinavian"…. I would never have guessed that you were a Scandinavian. Also you talk about this Dojo, that you visited 20 years ago when you were a young chubby black belt 😄 How old are you !!!? 😳

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