55 thoughts on “karate man it’s a hot one

  1. I’ve loved your regularly scheduled content for a while now but since your Built to Scale came out I’ve heard the Remix 10 music in another youtuber’s ending sequence, my friend asked me to help her play the Wii version of Rhythm Paradise and yesterday I decided to watch all the DS levels done perfectly. Thank you for pushing this nostalgia back into my life.

  2. Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20?
    are you fuckin serious.
    This is the best video you've made so far.
    I could not be more serious.

  3. I now realize I've watched your previous rythm heaven video and subscribed, then forgot about it; more than a month later, I found it again and watched your conlang videos.

  4. Good try, but I don't think that this matches beauty of bodies. It misses the beautiful spacing of that video.

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