Karate Lessons for Kids – Toy Hunt at Toy Store with Chase and Cole Adventures

(child yelling)
(upbeat music) – Cole!
– What was that? – [Kid] Choo choo train. – [Man] Yeah, you can play your trains. And we’ll pick out a prize. (upbeat music) – [Kids] Welcome to Chase
and Cole Adventures! – Hi Chase.
(child mumbling) Hi Cole-man. (child yelling) We gonna go do karate lessons today? And we’re gonna show all your friends what we do after karate, right? – [Kids] Prize store! – [Man] We go to the prize
store and get prizes, right? – Let’s do it! – Let’s do it! – One, two, one, two, okay one more. (child yelling) One, two, now hiya. – Hiya!
– Good job! Wait, where you going, come back! (boinging) – Cole!
– What was that? Two, good, again, one, nope, again. (punching) – [Man] Good job, Cole-man. (punching) There you go. (boinging) Stand up, stand up. Naw, Cole. All right Cole, it’s your turn. Come on, get up. – [Man] No! – [Man] You better get up, Chase. – No!
(upbeat music) – [Man] Oh no. (upbeat music)
(punching) (glass breaking) – [Man] Yes, kick it and spin. (wood breaking) You are the karate kid. (wood breaking) (punching) All right, after we finish
karate, where do we go? – We go to the prize store! – [Man] We go to the prize store! Let’s go to the prize
store and pick out a prize! Go, go, go, go, prize store! (children babbling) Let’s go pick a prize at the prize store. Whoa, look at the train. – [Man] Yeah! – [Man] You guys remember this, right? – [Kid] Choo choo train. – [Man] Yeah, you can play your trains, and we’ll pick out a prize. (upbeat music) – It’s like The Great Railway Show. – [Man] Oh, is it? – Yeah, it’s like the Great Railway Show. – [Man] It’s like The Great Railway Show? What, whoa, look at all these toys. – [Kid] Can I touch him? – [Man] Ah, no. (dinosaur roaring) (snarling) Henry! – [Kid] It’s from Thomas and Friends. – [Man] Yeah, from Thomas and Friends. Look at all these trains, Chase. That’s a big present! (party horn blowing) – [Kid] I can’t open the present. – [Man] No, you can’t open that in here. – (mumbling) Sun roof, sun roof. – [Man] Oh, his sun roof,
that’s his sun roof. Let me see it, show me, yeah,
you put that train together. – I cannot do it. – [Man] That’s right, we
go to the snack store. The snack at the snack store,
where’s the snack store? – [Kid] Here’s the snack
store, there it is! – [Man] Here’s the snack
store, there it is! Let’s go in, go eat a snack. You guys eating your snacks after Karate? – Yeah. – [Man] What kind of snack you eating? – A cookie, achocolate chip cookie. – [Man] You eating your
chocolate chip cookies? – Chocolate chip cookie. – [Man] Chocolate chip cookies. Chase, what you eating? You must have been a good boy if you got chocolate chip cookies. You guys must have done
really good in karate. (upbeat music) Look at your prizes! Wow! All right, say bye everybody. – Bye everybody! – [Man] Say see you later! (laughs) – [Woman] Click on one of these fun videos for another adventure. Don’t forget to subscribe so
you can join the adventure. – [Man] All right Cole it’s your turn.

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