Karate Lessons for Kids – Family Time and Family Fun at Kids Karate with Chase and Cole Adventures

(happy, upbeat music) – Oh, that was nice. Do it again! – Hi-ya! – One more time. – Hi-ya! I’m karate kid. – [Dad] You are karate kid. (happy upbeat music) – [Chase and Cole] Chase
and Cole Adventures – [Dad] Alright, guys, where are we? – Karate – [Dad] We’re at karate lessons? – Yeah. – [Dad] Chase-Man and
Cole-Man are learning karate. We want to share it all
with our friends, right? Alright, so you guys want to go do karate? – Yeah! – Say, “let’s do it!” – Let’s do it! – Let’s do it! – Let’s go have some fun at karate. – One, two. – Hi-ya! – Keep going. One, two. – Hi-ya! – Yup, one more time. One, two. – Hi-ya – Good job!
– [Dad] Yeah! You can do it, Cole-Man. – Good job! Two. Again. Nope. One, two. Again. Nope. – [Dad] Good job, Cole-Man.
– Hi-ya! – [Dad] You’re like the karate kid! Yeah! – One, two, hi-ya! Hi-ya! – [Dad] Good job, Cole! You’re strong, Case. Use your knee. – Ooh! One more time. – Hi-ya! – [Dad] Alright. Case-Man,
you’re doing good. – Ooh! That was nice. – Hi-ya! – One more time. – Hi-ya! – Beautiful. – [Dad] Good job, Cole. – I’m karate kid. – [Dad] You are karate kid. – Hi-ya! – Again, hit it! – Hi-ya! – Good, again! Knee. – Hi-ya! – One more time. – Hi-ya! – [Dad] Alright! (punching sounds) – With the knee. – Hi-ya! Yeah! – Hi-ya! Hi-ya! – One, two, knee, again. One, two. – Hi-ya! – One, whoops. This one first. One. – Hi-ya! – One. (glass breaking) Nope, other hand. (glass breaking) Nope, other hand.
– Hi-ya! – [Dad] Case, you gotta say ki-aye. – Ki-aye!
– Yeah! – [Dad] There you go. Good job! (glass breaking) – One, two, three, hi-ya! – [Dad] Good job! – Good, again. One more time. Good! (fun, upbeat music) I want to hear hi-ya.
I want to hear hi-ya. – Hi-ya! – [Dad] There you go. (smashing sound) – Alright. (smashing sound) – Woo! – Knock it down. Knock it down. – Hi-ya! [Dad] Alright, man. Doing great, Cole. (smashing sound) – Do one, two first. So, one. – Hiya! – One, two, good, kick. – [Dad] There you go, Case. – Hi-ya! – [Dad] Good job, Cole! A jump kick. (silly, circus music) And, here we go again. Your weekly pull. Go ahead. I’m not going to fight it anymore. No, guys, guys, guys, Chase, Cole. Back to your spots. Guys. Cole. – [Coach] Bellies,
bellies, bellies, bellies. – [Dad] Go, Cole! Go Chase, go Cole! – [Coach] Put your belly on the ground. – [Dad] There you go, Chase. There you go. You’re doing it! Look at you! Go through the tunnel. You’re doing it, go ahead. Stay low. Stay low, Chase. Cole! Look at you! Go ahead, jump! There you go! Look at you! Stay low. Stay low. There you go, Cole. Jackson Storm! – [Female Coach] When you’re done jumping, go back to your spots. – [Dad] Go back to your spots. Good job, Chase. – Relax. Good! There you go. But don’t let… (fun, upbeat music) One, two, three. – [Dad] And, yup, Daddy messed up again. – [Narrator] Click on
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