Karate Lessons for Kids and Family Fun at Toy Store with Chase and Cole Adventures

(playful music) – [Narrator] Oh no! You doing karate with the dino? Big hugs, there you go,
he’s your pal right? (cheery light music) – [Both] Welcome to
Chase & Cole Adventures! – Hi Chase man.
– Hi friends! – Hi Cole man.
– Hi friends! – [Narrator] We’re at
another karate lesson today, so we want all our
friends to come with us, so they can learn karate
too, and then they can come to the prize store
with us and the snack store. – [Boys] Let’s do it! – Hi-ya! – [Narrator] Good job Cole! (upbeat music) You Lightning McQueen? Cole who are you? Chase who are you? (happy music) Cole it’s your turn, stand up! So where we going?
– To the prize store! – Are we here, we at the prize store? At the prize store, it’s Winnie the Pooh! – It’s a big lion! – [Narrator] It’s a big lion again? You got books, you looking
at a Thomas book, Chase? Cole what are you doing? Are you streamlining Thomas? Okay, we got big yellow pick up trucks, we’ve got dump trucks, you have race cars? Let me see Chase, show me the race cars! The truck, oh no it fell apart. Garage station, we have
a ferrari match box set. Is that the repair shop to fix the cars? That is awesome! Hiccup! – Hiccup!
– It’s Hiccup! That’s a guitar and a drum set. Play music with that,
that’s a big present, but that’s not for you. Oh that’s a horse, those are horsies. Choo Choo trains, we got
lots of choo choo trains. Look at that, it’s an
arcade machine, right. Just like at the arcade, you
think we can win tickets? Yeah you won! (dinosaur roars) Do you want? Oh no! There it is, the dino? Big hugs, there you go,
he’s your pal, right? Beach ball. That’s a big beach ball
– Uh oh. – That’s a big duck,
and yeah Thomas’ friend, who is it Percy, who else? – No. He’s right there. – [Narrator] That’s your train, show me, let me see your prize. Whoa! What prize did you get Cole, let me see! – Firetruck! – You wanna go snack store
now, where’s the snack store? Where’s the snack store,
it’s right here, yay! You guys eating your snacks?
– Yes, dinosaurs! – You eating your snacks
and watching dinosaurs? – (mumbling) He’s still my pal! – [Narrator] You see you
got your prizes, prizes! Say bye friends!
– Bye friends! – [Announcer] Click on
one of these fun videos for another adventure! Don’t forget to subscribe so
you can join the adventure. – [Narrator] Get up!

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