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So the question is simple: do overheating useful?
Yes, actually overheating are not useful, they are essential.
That is, if you do not warm up, you cause injury and, in addition, without
count the fact that risk of injury in Moreover, the drive may not be
How effective. So I explain quickly why. To advance,
the body needs … you need take your body to its limits or close
its limits. You see, you must, if you train pedaling slowly,
you will not know pedaling fast. Basically that’s it. To progress, you have
approach the limits and exceed sometimes for several seconds. So,
to be able to approach the limits, it is necessary prepare his body. If you do … that,
I’m not hot at all and I start want to run a hundred meters to run
soon I’m having trouble, I risk to make me a breakdown, but the blood is not … all the blood
is not in the legs, you see, Blood is spread over my body and it
not just in the legs. All my cardiovascular system, respiratory
is not set up so I’m not going get to work effectively.
So I do not get to meet my limits. I do not get to meet my
limitations and suddenly, my training there will not be good.
If I do a warm-up in reverse, I do a warm-up, I’m hot
and there I run a hundred meters and I am close my limits, close to the maximum that I am
able to do. The body will adapt and, the next time, when at rest, the body
fits, okay, he rebuilt and, the next time, well, we’re a little better. But if
never approach the limits, we get not to advance. That is why the warm,
if you do not warm up, workout may be ineffective. You will spend
calories, getting tired, but in the end, you do not go forward with a drive
to the other. So heating is really very very important. So I you
invites to do is to download the book I put you below. So I explain
basically what I did. On karate-blog.net, as I put a lot of videos with
Online karate, I will not every time you hand overheating and
home, to practice alone is well to warm up anyway before
otherwise you will not will progress as I to tell you. So for you warm up,
I have everything you write in a book, I you I invented a very simple method
called ABC overheating … 3 of the ABC method, you see, it is
very simple, it is I who creates is stupid. The book is not very much
long, it must do, if I remember correctly, twenty, twenty-five pages. It’s not very much
long and you’ll learn full of things. You will understand why it
must warm up, I’ve just explain, I will re-explains a little
more detail: how to do, what body part, not to forget anything, in
fact. The goal is that you can warm structured way to do
do not forget anything. Although warm head, neck, body, legs, and that’s
all muscles, joints, the system cardiovascular, the whole. Your
body, when you’re done, will be hot. At the end of the book, you will have access … You
can even be accessed directly but I I put it at the end of the book. You have access
in a video. The video is about thirty minutes. It’s true that it’s much
too long for heating. In fact, I left thirty minutes because
I tried to put you several examples warm-up, that’s it. I have put you,
it is long enough, usually a warm, you’ll put ten, fifteen minutes. All
depends on what you must do. Basically, the more work you have to do back
is intense and shorter and your warm must be long. Someone who will go
a marathon, it does not become very hot. If he wants, he can warm up during
first kilometers. Someone must a hundred meters, has to go hot, be
it heats up long before. In the idea, that’s it. Well, so what I invite you
to do is to download below. Mettez..vous you leave me your name,
your email, then here. You download, you will have access to download
and everything and you will have access to all other carefree downloads. Well, thank you
good and next time on karate-blog.net

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