Hello and welcome. I BANDELIER Bruno, Professor of net Karate. Today I want to start a small debate. We always said that karate techniques, everything comes hips. And actually, I would like you … (I am careful not to make me strafe) … But actually no, it’s not from the hips. The techniques are not from the hips, they come from the “Hara”; they come from the stomach. I’ll show you why they do not come hips. So let us be clear. it does not mean that the hips are not important. Besides, I often put in my articles that work the hips, hip rotation is very important, but it’s not that hip rotation that will send the technique. The technique, it will come from the stomach. Hip rotation, it will help guide the energy, but the energy, it comes from here. As if the Hara, energy was here, ready to go as if you have a ball of energy and your hips, they just serve to guide it to leave the right way, a bit like the starting blocks. When I shoot like
starting blocks, if the starting blocks are not there, I have much less force, but it is not they who bring energy anyway, are my legs Well here is the belly,
All abs muscles, the transverse, all this, working to return the energy. But energy
not from the hip. The energy does not come from there. That, that will serve to guide the technical in the right direction, to send them where it is necessary, but energy, it comes from here. So we will do a little experiment. You go sit, here, on the ground; Your feet are free. They are placed, but they are free. You do not step on it, you do not use it. You are placed on your buttocks. And you will make Zuki. So let’s go…. It makes Zuki. Try, practice! Do it at home! Experience because we must feel it! Beginners will find it difficult to feel it because beginners often struggle just to feel what Hara. That exercise is not bad for this because beginners are told, always pushing the hips, they tend to grow on the legs, to use the hips and not feel the Hara. So, put yourself
seated, and here you have to feel that … Yet your hips, they do not rotate. I’m stuck here. I sit on my ass and yet, I have strength. So it is a little high, but look! I still force there when I type in Bob. I have less if I was on
legs, I can push on more legs. but it’s a bit like, I no longer have my starting blocks, but I still have the strength. Force, it starts here and goes into my arm. The strength comes not from my hip rotation, but it comes from here. We can do it again. So if you can not, sometimes in
sitting, disconnect your feet because sometimes, we have the feet on the floor and you push with your feet, So, it has strength. Do it with a chair, like that here you put your feet in the air and you do the same. So, be careful not to put your elbows on the record. Here ! You do the same and you’ll see there, I still manage to have energy at the end of
arms and yet I do not have hip spinning. My hip, it is placed there. Okay ? I do not have legs growing. I do not have hips that grow And yet, I develop strength. Then I’ll bring you yet another proof. I’ll make you do an experiment and I will give you the answer in a future video. So you’re going to experience, where you’ll just answer my question in a comment below. I want you to imagine if instead of the chair I had a stool. I put myself sitting on a stool, you know stools that spin: bar stools or stools musician. A stool where you sit on it. You raise your legs
and you strike because then you’ll say … I know there are some who say: yes I was on the chair. I did feel though that move my hips, my hips that vibrate. Ok. The
hips vibrate, here. You are on your stool, asked. According to you, I will take the example of Zuki right, right hand. I Choku Zuki right hand. I’m on my stool and I Choku Zuki right hand. So I have my hip which vibrates there. I have my hip
that starts there. It was she who sent the shot. We always say that, it’s hip, which sends the blow. I tell you no. Hip, it directs the blow. The energy starts here. If my hip from there, when I hit, do the stool will turn in that direction? Will I end up like this or is it that I’ll end up like this? Imagine, I am sitting on a stool. So do I turn in the direction of my fist? in the direction of my hip? I push there. Or do I turn the other way? Listen, I’ll let you answer in the comments below. If you have a stool, experience home, and then I give you the answer in a future video. See you soon on karate-blog.net, clear and net karate, and karate3G.com Bye bye, bye.

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