Karate Kid Part II (1986) – Car Window Breaking scene

Come on, That’s not fair. I got second place. Second place? Second place is no place! You’re off the team! That’s sucks! I did my best. What did you say? I said I did my best! You’re nothing! You lost! You’re a loser! No, you’re the loser, man. I’m the loser, huh? Yeah Now who’s the loser? You know, you’re really sick man! How does second place feel now, huh? Come on, he can’t breathe! Mind your business. You’re gonna kill him! Sensei, please. You’re hurting him. He’s sorry, okay. He really is. Oy! Let him go. Mr. Miyagi’s right. Let him go! I said, let him go! Beat it, slope, or you’re next. Mercy is for the weak. We do not train to be merciful here. A man face you, he is enemy. Enemy deserve no mercy. Daniel-san, ladies no wait forever. You could’ve killed him, couldn’t you? Hai. Well, why didn’t you then? Because, Daniel-san, for person with no forgiveness in heart… living even worse punishment than death.

73 thoughts on “Karate Kid Part II (1986) – Car Window Breaking scene

  1. Daniel: "You could have killed him, couldn't you?"
    Miyagi: "Hai"
    Daniel: "Well why didn't you then?"
    Miyagi: "Is murder Daniel-san. Miyagi no want go to jail!".

  2. "For person with no forgiveness in heart, living even worse punishment than death."

    "Also, Miyagi no want to spend rest of life in prison. mutters Stupid kid!"

  3. As soon as Kreese got up he was high stepping it to the closest bathroom to clean his britches out And with his hands all tore up it must have been hard work to wipe lol.

  4. The older I get the more I hate this. That Vietnam vet karate master in top shape drops to his knees from bloody knuckles and waits for the death blow. Garbage.

  5. Fun Fact: Martin Kove really punched through the windows. Not sure if the blood was real but the punches through the glass were.

  6. While Part II wasn't quite the perfect gem as Part 1.  it still is a very respectable sequel with a handful of unforgettable moments.

  7. "You could have killed him, couldn't you?"
    "Well why didn't you then?"
    "Because Daniel-San, Miyagi no want to go to jail for second-degree murder."

  8. So two poor people who went to watch a karate tournament come out to find their car windows smashed. Bloody hooligans just walk away as if nothing happened

  9. okay I started this as just as an opinion on social media it's gotten a lot of people talking. For those who know how terrible Karate Kid three was. I think I know how they could've improved it. Bring Johnny back but give him a Rocky 3 Apolo Creed make over. I put this in the comment section of the final fight in Karate Kid 1 I've received a shit load of feedback on the subject love to continue to hear what folks have to say😎

  10. Jajaja, o sea que Kreese iba a matar a Jhonny y luego a Miyagi así como así, frente a decenas de testigos y sin esperar ninguna consecuencia legal. Ni que fuera el viejo oeste.

  11. ⓘ ⓛⓐⓤⓖⓗⓔⓓ ⓢⓞ ⓗⓐⓡⓓ ⓦⓗⓔⓝ ⓗⓔ ⓗⓞⓝⓚⓔⓓ ⓗⓘⓢ ⓝⓞⓢⓔ xD

  12. Because bloodying your fists punching through windows take everything out of you rendering your body completely defenseless for the next 5 minutes.

  13. Daniel-san: "You could've killed him couldn't you?"
    Miyagi: "Hai."
    Daniel-san: "Well why didn't you then?"
    Miyagi: "Because Daniel-san, we need a third flim for more money."

  14. the words about not being train for mercy felt like a shout out to the time when miyagi was in the imperial army, something that his instructors surely tell him.

  15. Worst punches ever thrown by a human being. John Kreese was absolute garbage. Terry Silver was the true mass of Cobra Kai.

  16. Were Dutch, Tommy and Jimmy kicked off the team as well, as they all lost.
    Explains why Dutch never came back.

  17. 1:20 – “Mercy is for the weak. We do not train to be merciful here. A man face you, he is enemy. Enemy deserved no mercy.” – Mr. Miyagi

  18. Miss Mr. Miyagi life lessons. Cobra kai series needed the wise yoda figure. Because Daniel san suck at life lesson.

  19. “Car Window Breaking” should be hyphenated in your video title. With the way you have the title written now, you are talking about a car window that is breaking a scene.

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