Karate is the only REAL fight form I Kali Karate

now how’s that go this is Sensei Houston here I’m the best undocumented fighter in the entire world I’m also a karate master I’m gonna go through all the other martial arts forms and tell you why they’re completely Chitina waste of time because they don’t work in a real fight like karate does boxing it doesn’t work in a fight if your opponent has legs so unless you plan on fighting people to real chairs from last year light she’ll probably learn Quran will wreath rope kicks did you know that 75% of wrestlers end up as proctologist Chilean jiu-jitsu also known as laying down and giving up if I wanted to cuddle and get choked out I called my masseuse Jess first and foremost the music of these gyms suck hey Black Eyed Peas – they practice kicking and their girlfriends choice.you 98 percent of street fights happen in jeans make America great again haha pitama Krav Maga is it always ended rankings I was like first-hand experience the hardest battles I’ve ever had are with women perfect move to get your dick ripped off another compliment I can get in this forum for keeping strip malls instructor changes in business MMA get fat it’s a buffet of all martial arts forms major cons with daddy issues couldn’t cut it in karate it’s a commercialized piece I would like to see Conor McGregor Daniel Cormier or to be trying to Crescent kick a board now you’re gonna happen you can break a board in my dojo then you can put the bone and I’ll break a lot of work I love karate because almost as if you’re moving like a bird I love swans I have never seen a karate guy lose a fight unless he was fighting another karate guy it’s also the best way to meet divorced women and discipline their kids physically without being arrested [Music] as my 100% factual opinion on the fight world you’re welcome I’m sensei Houston see it does join our diverse fight team call now over a hundred planes [Applause] [Music]

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  1. But Sensai, what about aikido? From what I've seen, that is the most legendary and useful form of all the martial arts. Steven Seagal does aikido and everyone knows Steven Seagal > Chuck Norris…

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