Karate Helps Kids Achieve Goals!

– Hey, West Augusta. Did you know that according
to a Swedish study, kids that are involved in karate have more self-confidence,
are more self-motivated and perform better under pressure? You see, the hands-on goal
setting karate provides through our stripe and belt system helps kids become more
focused and organized. With more than 600 happy
kids and teens enrolled in our program here in
the Augusta, Georgia area, I would like to personally invite you to click on the link
above or below this video and reserve a free class for your kiddo. Try it out and see for yourself if karate’s the right fit for you and your child’s long-term
goals and happiness. My name is Jennifer Waters, I’m the executive director
at Seigler’s Karate Center and I look forward to
having you and your child come in and see why
SKC is the place to be. (gentle music)

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