Karate Do | Movie Trailer 2019

Karate means emtpy hand Do means the way It is the spiritual path of Karate Do you think girls want to learn martial arts? I think girls don’t want to get beat up anymore. Hey! Help! Help! Oh my god. Nicki Hey. What’s your name? Nicki. My name’s Nicki. You know kung fu? It’s Karate And no. I don’t know it. Come on. Teach me. No What do you want me from me Eva? I want you to pay attention to your daughter. Hey Hey Listen to your father. I don’t call him that. Everybody’s got problems, Cliffy. I don’t want to go live with him. She’s yours. The Heian Kata’s were developed around a hundred years ago. They are based on a Chinese form called Channan. The name Heian means Peaceful Mind in Japanese. The original word was Pinyan and in Chinese it means Safe Journey I don’t want to talk about the past. And no more drinking. You hear. I was trying to help her. You need to help yourself first. That’s the problem you don’t care about yourself. Bad news Stock dropped and their making a margin call. Really? I’am just fighting air. Spear one, spear two. Uh. What the hells your problem. And what the hells your? Ya, mine is you. You left us cold. You left us when mom… Nicki. It was a long time ago. You kept screwin up your life. Is that all I am? A screw up? (sad music) I quit. I told you I did. You gotta leave Nicki. Where I am supposed to go? (sad music)

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